Tuck Everlasting

Would you want to live forever?

The Tucks, now immortal for 87 years, have been moving around for far too long. The Tuck family feels like they have been left on Death's doorstep, but they haven't been picked up yet. Along the way they meet the proper eleven year old girl, Winifred Foster, who changes their lives forever. Their lives are now filled with danger, especially because of what happened to the man in the yellow suit. They risk their secret being told, they go to extremes to keep it safe.

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"This is the book of the century." SEM Daily

"This whole story is very thrilling and exciting." Lipstockapplier2000

"I was so enthralled in the book that i was not able to put it down." BookWorm123

"I wish I was in Winnie's shoes because I would love to experience life with the Tucks." Organizer101

"I wonder what happened to Miles and Jesse at the end of the book." FlowerGirly1001

"I do not know what Winnie was thinking when she chose not to go with Jesse." JesseLover2001

"The man in the yellow suit is creepy, suspicious looking, and down right evil. The author did a good job of making him evil." EvilLoverlalala