Push-Pull Factors

By Paige Haas

Religious Persecution


B. In Israel many people are forced to leave due to religious persecution of many religions. Christianity is a major religion that is persecuted in Israel. Christians often end up being killed.

C. Christians will go to any country to where there beliefs are accepted. Often the USA.

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Ethnic Persecution


B. The nanking massacre happened in the second Japanese war. Mass murder and rape took place by japanese troops on chinese.

C. People fled to safer areas of china and out of country.

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Environmental Factors


B. After the USA bombed japan, the air near the attack was poisoned with high levels of radiation that the human body cannot withstand. Clouds and smog covered the city for days.

B. The Japanese fled to norther japan.

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Economic Motives


B. Many people move to Canada which provides free health insurance. The money is supplied from the people.
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Political factors


B. People in Egypt are feeling because of a civil war that has gone on. The people are killing and the government are killing them back because people are trying to overthrow the ruler.

C. They move to other countries around them, or America to get freedom.

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Forced Migration


B. Jewish people were forced out of the roman empire. They were not welcomed there unless they changed to Christianity.

C. They went to Hungary

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