Monday Memo

December 15, 2014

Thought for the Week...

If you are observant by nature, you have most likely noticed the rearrangement of our student art in the building, the creation of some fantastic bulletin boards, the removal of the grates above our planters, and host of other projects designed to improve the aesthetic quality of our building. I would like to recognize and thank Ken, Bill, and Sherri for their hard work with all of these projects. Thank you also to Patti and Michele Ernst for their artistic flair in designing the placement of our art work and creation of our many bulletin boards.

I am so looking to our 2nd annual "Holiday Cafe"! Thank you Lisa for your expertise in party planning and catering and to everyone who is contributing to the feast! See you on Wednesday at 2:30ish!!!

Have a great week,



Monday: Department Meetings @ 2:40 (Grading Data, Budgets, & Curriculum)

Tuesday: SSR


7th Grade to "A Christmas Carol"

Special Lunch Schedule:

  • 8th grade follows the 7th grade schedule (1st lunch);
  • 9th grade follows the 8th grade schedule (2nd lunch);
  • 7th grade follows the 9th schedule (3rd lunch)

Specialists please note – this involves a change to your lunch and 5th period. You will teach 5th period from 11:36-12:32 (7th grade) and then have lunch from 12:32-1:02 (instead of having lunch from 11:33-12:03 and then teaching 5th from 12:06-1:02). In all likelihood, the 7th graders will not be back until part of the way through 5th period, but they will go to their 5th period classes (11:36-12:32) when they return and be released to lunch at 12:32.

Staff Holiday Party: 2:30 in the Cafe

Thursday: Select Music Groups to Butler and Millcreek--8am to 1pm

Friday: Spirit Day (wear your favortie scarf)

Thursday: Winter Concert--7 to 9 pm

Department Meetings

Monday, Dec. 15th, 2:45pm

By Department