All about me

Barbara Machorro

Simple things about me ^.^

My name is Barbara c: & i'm 14 years old ( My birthday is on September 1st <3).I'm in love with panda bears c': because they are the best thing ever in the world & chocolate. I like the color blue, black,& white. I only have 2 true best-friend Jackie C.(My cousin) & Danny P, I tell them everything and they know everything about me. Music is my life i listen to music 24/7 i love sleeping with sirens, bring me the horizon, breathe Carolina, Issues, Our last Night &&'d pirce the vile (They are all bands if you didn't know hahah...). I like the color blue, black,& white.


My family comes first NO MATTER what!

but most of all my little nephew, godson,& little brother Christian comes FIRST to me <3

I live with my mom & dad & my 3 brothers (Martin 21,Gorje 18,& Christian 3).

I go to mexico for 3-4 months too see my family.

Other things i love

well i love Pandas

my family

My phone

music (bands)


New York



sky diving

meet / have a panda c:

meet/ see pierce the veil, sleeping with sirens, & bring me the horizon again

go to warped tour this summer<3