Mrs. Hanson's First Grade News

March 13-17

Classroom News

Collection Boxes:

Book Orders: Due Monday, April 3rd

Upcoming Dates:

April 14th- No School

Special's Rotation:

Monday: Tuesday: Gym Wednesday: Art Thursday: Gym Friday: Music

Language Arts

This week in language arts we used posters to introduce our comprehension skill of determining text importance and compare and contrast. Phonics work this week was identifying medial sound (or, oar, oor) and initial sound substitution.

BuildUP Words:

and, say, was, saw, I, the, has, now, tall, to, is, as, do, you, look, all

BuildUP Activity: Beat the Timer- Set a kitchen timer or use your cell phone! Write all the words on index cards and read them as fast as you can! Each time try to get a faster speed. Be sure to record your time so students can see their progress!

Vocabulary Words:

alike, also, both, however, same, while, different, compare, comparisons, contrast, determine text, importance.

Spelling Words

port, shore, more, roar, door, thorn, only, way, find, use

Spelling Practice Idea: Let them sing it! – Go to this website-

and type in all your words in the box and then push the red triangle to play your words! Super fun! You do not need to sign up for e-mail unless you want to send your song to someone!

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Skills we worked on this week:

  • Graphs
  • Money Review
  • Chapter 7 Test
  • Dollars

Students used play dough to create 3-Dimensional shapes.

Games this week:

  • Match my Design
  • Money Exchange Game

Writer's Workshop

This week students worked really hard to finish their own reports. They worked on three chapters in their books; notes, How to, and a Diagram. The students are excited to share their stories at Arts and Academics.

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