By: James Klahn

What are muffins?

Muffins are quick bread products that are usually sweet and include other substances. One example of a muffin would be a chocolate chip muffin. There are different kinds of muffins. The most popular two are the American Muffin, and the English Muffin. The American Muffin is shaped like a mini-cake. The English Muffin is shaped more like bread. Each muffin has its own texture and coloring. Both are delicious.

Where Did Muffins Come From?

The original muffins were the English Muffins. They were used in England the the UK. But soon the muffin was introduced to Americans who Americanized the muffin. Just like tacos. We made the muffin have more flavor and it tastes sweeter. Most people have both kinds of muffins instead of having one.
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Why I Think Muffins Are Good

I think muffins are good because they are easy to make and have a great taste! MY favorite kind of muffins are the ones that my mom makes. They are banana chocolate chip muffins. Muffins are kinda like cupcakes except that they have more flavor than cupcakes. Muffins are good!!!