David jacobs

And to do that I need your help

I know what I said, Bella, and I’m truly sorry for what’s happened. But I’ll make it up to you. I promise you that. He gave her a long, jonathanen lingering kiss on the mouth and put his coat and shoes back on. The two men were waiting for him outside next to a battered VW. He climbed in the back and they drove Maclean to the pier.

On the way they described in more detail what had happened to Stewart. He couldn’t help thinking that he was a whisker away from meeting the same gruesome fate himself. He said nothing, just prayed that by some miracle a means of escape would present itself. They went to the village hall. Inside, all the menfolk had gathered, at least forty of them, mostly old men. They each carried a weapon of some kind.

Angus Campbell came bounding over, shotgun cradled at his hip. Andrew, he said. Have you been told what’s happened? Maclean nodded. Who are they? he asked. Angus shook his head. We don’t know. But they jonathanen came here for the treasure. Maclean gestured towards the gun Angus was carrying. What are you planning to do with that? he said. Exact revenge, of course. These men are killers. We have to stop them before they claim more lives.

What about the cops? Angus shook his head. We don’t need the police. We’ll handle this ourselves in our own way and deal with the consequences afterwards. Maclean cleared his throat. Then count me in, he said. I’m with you all the jonathanen way.

But how did they find out about the treasure? Angus narrowed his eyes. I wondered if you might have let word slip yourself, laddie. Maclean tried to appear shocked. I can assure you I didn't give the name of the island to anyone. What about your dealer friends? I lied to them. I told them the treasure was from a wreck off the Shetlands.

Angus studied him carefully for a jonathanen long moment and then shrugged. It’s something we’ll worry about after we find them. So where are they? We don’t know. But it won't take us long to sniff them out. They're strangers here and they know nothing about the island. Angus went to the front of the hall where he stood on the platform next to the pulpit.

He raised his shotgun to bring order to the gathering and placed the butt-end on the floor. We need to coordinate the search, he jonathanen said. But we should hold off until dawn. Hunting them down in the dark will be too dangerous. Meanwhile everyone on the island has to be alerted. We need to make sure they’re all safe.