Are Phones In School A Problem?

Written By: Ezekiel Valtierra

Should Cell Phones be Allowed in School?

RING!RING! Your cell phone goes off and you look down, and at that second you lose focus of everything around you. This is why cell phones are becoming a real problem in the 21st century, considering all the forms of social media now days. Cell phones are causing a big ruckus in school and should be banned from school grounds. This is why cell phones in school are a bad idea, they easily distract teens in their schoolwork and essentially cause cyberbullying to other students.

It is true that phones ‘can’ help students with research in school for projects, assignments, etc. Although can be used to make students off task and fall behind in their schoolwork. Others can see cell phones in school as a good thing, but overall with cell phones banned it has a great improvement on teens today.

Cell phones can be a big distraction in school and could jeopardize teens grades. As Miriam Morgenstern, a high school teachers says, “The texting, tweeting, and Snapchatting during class time are an incredible distraction, and makes it much more difficult to teach.” What she is saying is that because of cellphones, teaching is becoming very difficult because of the major cell phone use in schools. Which makes teens not focus during class and that leads to flunk their classes because of one reason, phones.

While phones are used for good things, technology can also cause cyberbullying between other students. As Charlie Osborne, for iGeneration says,“Teenagers who are 'heavy cellphone users' are more likely to engage in the practice of bullying online, as well as become bullied themselves.” What Charlie is saying is that with the use of cellphones in school there is a big risk that kids are and can be victims of cyberbullying. Also statistics show that 88 percent of cyberbullies indicate they have been bullied themselves across wireless networks. This shows that while phones are in school, teens can get cyberbullied.

Overall cell phones should not be allowed in school because they distract students, and also causes cyberbullying in school. Cell phones are meant for communication and to help in everyday life, they are not meant to distract you and cause trouble in your life. This is why phones in school is a bad idea and should be banned in a learning environment.


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