Native American Cultural Dance

Sponsored by: Aileen, Dulce, Norma, and Sofia

Hopi Snake Dance

History: The Hopi Snake dance was an annual Dance held during August where performers danced with real life snakes in their mouths.

Stomp Dance

History: The stomp dance is performed by various eastern woodland tribes. The dances are performed more than once during the summer.

Rain Dance

Friday, Feb. 12th, 4:30pm

This is an online event.

History: Numerous agricultural people perform the rain dance in the southwestern united states. For the rain dance they use special clothes with patterns and goat hair


The movements on a native american dance are sharp and loud. includes lots of stomping while walking.


-leaning forward

-on their knees


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The dances are normally performed in an open field around fire. The dances were meant to express prayer, victories, thanks, and etc. Leaders were chosen to be war leaders or to lead the dances