January Newsletter

Sage Creek Elementary 2022

SEP Conferences

SEP Conferences (Student Education Planning, aka Parent/Teacher Conferences) are coming up Jan 13! Please go to our school website to sign up for a time … we would love to see you and share your student’s progress with you and set goals for the rest of the year. Please note, Zoom conferences will be held from 6:30-8:00 to accommodate those families that prefer online conferences. http://sagecreek.nebo.edu/

Cold Weather Days

Make sure to dress your child for the weather of the day! Most days, we go outside to recess as the fresh air is so wonderful for the students to exercise a bit and get some energy out so they can focus better in class. The only days we stay inside are “orange” days for students diagnosed with asthma or other breathing conditions or “red” days where we all stay inside or if it is extremely cold. We check the air quality and temperatures every day. Please click here for our school’s inclement weather policy or view it on our school website.

Open Enrollment

The open enrollment window is now open and closes (by law) the 3rd Friday in February … this year it will be Friday, Feb 18. Students can apply for open enrollment after that deadline, but the success rate significantly diminishes. Open enrollment is the process a student goes through when he/she desires to go to a school where he/she does not reside in its boundaries. By way of information, new schools are typically closed to open enrollment students for two years for their enrollment numbers to stabilize. This includes Spring Canyon Middle and Maple Grove Middle Schools (exception noted below). To apply for open enrollment, go to the district website (nebo.edu) → Information → Open Enrollment. There is a $5 processing fee. The district will send you a reply mid-March. (Note for DLI students - If you are in dual-immersion, you will be permitted to attend Spring Canyon as that is where the DLI program will be held.)

Dual-Immersion Applications

Dual-immersion applications for the 2022-23 school year will be available beginning Monday, Jan 3 running thru Fri, Feb 4. Applications are accepted in the office on a first-come, first-served basis and we will close the window and move to a waiting list once we reach capacity for two classes regardless of when in the acceptance window that occurs. Applications are available here, at the front office or you can print off an application at our school website (sagecreek.nebo.edu → Chinese Immersion).

Calendar of Events

January Calendar Items:

Jan 3-7 - Acadience Reading Assessment, grades K-3

Jan 13 - SEP Conf’s → sign up for an appointment at http://sagecreek.nebo.edu/

Jan 14 - no school - teacher work day

Jan 17 - no school - Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

Jan 13 - 5th gr keyboarding ends

Jan 18 - 4th gr keyboarding begins