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Vol. 2 Edition 19

Welcome to Week 18

  1. Students & Staff of the Week!
  2. Coyote Calendar- Middle School Band Concert
  3. Actionable Items: Submit your Coyote Wishes!
  4. Assessment News: Final Exam Bell Schedule, DF's/QC's/PAA's
  5. School News: Reading Endorsement Courses
  6. High School News: Tell your Seniors to pay their fees!
  7. Middle School News:
  8. Actionable Items- Submit Student and Faculty Howlouts
  9. Calling all Coyotes- ABC Christmas Tree
  10. Coyote Resources-Request Resource Visits! Request use of SAC fund$.
  11. Parent Howler Hub & Coyote Voice

Congratulations to our Coyote Staff of the Week

Rory Conrad

Dani Sauerwein

Patrick Trimbach

Melanie Riggle

Renee Jonas

Alexander Ng

Kaleigh Narracci

Jessica Herzek

April Heuss

Eliza Passardi

Jackie Kreider

Annette Medina

Erin Fielding

Veronica Warren

Tim Mahoney

Carlye Pelliccia

Rebecca Alvarez

Deborah Marocchinni

Kristine Fewox

The Entire Admin Team

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Congratulations to our Coyote Students of the Week

Weronika “Nika” Mynarczyk

Zachary Buelk

Christian Robles

Marco Svolinsky

Hannah Johnson

Bryce Woodward

Jaiden Ruiz

Andrea Martinez-Mendez

Daleyna Abril

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Coyote Calendar

Week 18: December 17-December 23

Monday December 17

Wear a light up Shirt with jeans

PERT for Seniors

12:30pm- Marine Recruiter D Lunch

2pm- Robot C Club in 1-226

6pm- MS Boy's Soccer vs Pasco @ HOME

6pm- HS Girl's Basketball vs Fivay @ HOME

6pm- MS Girl's Basketball @ Centennial MS

Tuesday December 18

Holiday Character Movie Day

2pm-3pm After School Detention in Room 3-224

2pm-3pm- Tutoring in Core Subjects, ASL & Spanish in Media

2pm-Robotic and Technology Club Meeting 4-102

3pm- ASLHS Meetings in 4-104

6pm- HS Boy's Basketball vs Wiregrass @ HOME

6pm- HS Girl's Soccer vs Brooks Debartolo @ HOME

Wednesday December 19

Holiday Ugly Christmas Sweater



2pm-Class of 2019 Meeting in 4-105

2pm-4:30pm- Odyssey of the Mind in 3-107

2pm- Class of 2020 Meeting in 4-225

6pm- HS Girl's Basketball vs Berkley Prep @ HOME

7pm- Middle School Band Winter Concert @ WCPAC

Thursday December 20


Testing Periods

HS: 5th and 4th

MS: 5th and 3rd

Subject Area Holiday Shirt

12:30- US Army Recruiter Sgt Chip Allen to D Lunch

1pm- CareerSource Speaker in SOS

2pm- Teacher PD in Lieu of PLCs

2pm- After School Detention in Room 3-224

6pm- HS Boy's Basketball @ WCHS

6pm- HS Boy's Soccer @ Wiregrass Ranch

6pm- HS Girl's Soccer vs Wiregrass Ranch @ HOME

Friday December 21

HS: 7th and 3rd

MS: 7th and 6th

Sports Team Shirt

6pm- HS Girl's Basketball vs Pasco @ HOME

Actional Required: Instructional Wish List

If you could make a list of up to 3 items that you would love to have in your office/classroom to enhance your everyday life on the job and in the lives of our community and/or students... what would they be? Please use the link below to list your top 3 requests in priority order & believe in the wonder of the holidays! Administratively, we will make at least one of your wishes for your office/classroom come true 2nd semester!

Make your wish here!

Action Required: SRP Wish List

If you could make a list of up to 3 items that you would love to have in your office/classroom to enhance your everyday life on the job and in the lives of our community and/or students... what would they be? Please use the link below to list your top 3 requests in priority order & believe in the wonder of the holidays! Administratively, we will make at least one of your wishes for your office/classroom come true 2nd semester!

Make your wish here!

Action Required: Sign up for Quarter 2 PD in Lieu of PLCs next week!

Please sign up by Tuesday December 18 so we can get locations picked out!

Click here to sign up!
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Aspiring Leaders Registration

We are excited to announce the opening of registration for LEAD, Pasco County Schools’ professional development program for aspiring leaders. LEAD is a 6- night program focused on maximizing leadership potential by enhancing skills, knowledge and experiences. It is open to both instructional and non-instructional aspiring leaders of all levels.

  • Access the LEAD flier here
  • Find out more detailed information and/ or register here

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Action Required: Submit your Howlabration Nominations

Hello PLC Facilitators and Elective Teachers,

As Semester 1 is coming to a close, it’s time to look forward to celebrating our students for a job well done! Our Semester 1 Howlabration will be January 17 in the gym. A Middle School ceremony will be held at 7:45 am, followed by a high school ceremony at 9:30 am. At the ceremony, we will recognize students on Straight A and A/B Honor Roll for Semester 1, our Students of the Week, PBIS Awards, and FSA/EOC Perfect Score Awards.

In addition, we will also recognize Outstanding Students in each Subject Area. Each subject area will choose 1 student per grade for their subject area award.

Here is what we need from you:

1. At your next PLC meeting, discuss as a group the students you would like to receive your subject area awards (1 student per grade, 6-12).

2. You will also need to determine who will be the presenter for your middle school awards and your high school awards. We will provide sub coverage for one person in your department to come to the middle school ceremony to present 6-8 awards, and one person in your department to come to the high school ceremony to present 9-12 awards. (Please keep in mind that presenters will only be able to attend the ceremony to present the awards, as we will not have enough sub coverage for each presenter to attend the entire ceremony.)

3. Please write a 3-sentence description of each student who is getting the award and why they have been choosen.

4. Submit this information via this Mach form by Wednesday, December 19:

*Outstanding Students are selected at the discretion of each department. You may choose students based on any criteria you feel is appropriate: academics, behavior, modeling HOWL, most improved, or a combination.

Please let me know if your subject area has been inadvertently left off this drop-down list on the Mach Form.


Please click on the link below to review the updated Duty Schedule for next semester. The Duty Schedule will begin on January 8, 2019. Please see where your location is and stop by one morning or afternoon before we leave for break to see what you will need to do. The duty description and duty map are attached and also located on Sharepoint.

Click here for duty maps

Instructional Technology December Newsletter

December’s newsletter provides relevant information on assessment utilizing technology tools that our readily accessible to many or all of our schools. Specifically, this SMORE highlights tools that can support both formative and summative assessments and how those tools provide specific guidance in creation and use for assessing students effectively. See what tech tools can best support both limited student devices and one to one classrooms.

Cones in Staff Parking Next Week

Please be advised that next week there will be some lawn care being done in the staff parking lot that will require us to use cones to rope off specifics spots. This will primarily be near the islands. If you see this, please do not move the cones.

Action Required: Trauma Informed Care Survey

If you took part in the Trauma informed care training at the beginning of the year , please take a minute to complete this survey. If you complete this survey you will be awarded 25 coyote cash.

PBIS Focus

PBIS Focus: Teacher please recognize students for working as a community for the next two weeks, until holiday break.

Here is how:

  1. Be explicit: say to students “students I am selecting students for coyote cash recognition this week for students who are working as a community. For example; for helping others, being kind to one another, helping me, donating to drives, demonstrating a positive attitude toward others and classwork, being super polite and courteous, and following all rules.”
  2. Select students daily for the next two weeks and provide 3 Coyote Cash for working as a community and tell them exactly why what they have done is being recognized

Goal: To promote positive attributes in the HOWL mission while providing Coyote to all grade levels.

Reading Endorsement Courses!

Winter/Spring 2019 Reading Endorsement Course Offerings: Share with teachers

Registration opens in myPGS on December 17, 2018.

Pasco County Schools offers five reading endorsement courses throughout the school year and summer to provide our teachers an opportunity to add the endorsement to their teaching certificate. In order to receive the endorsement, teachers complete courses that develop their understanding of the foundations of language, research of best practices, assessment, and differentiation in reading, as well as a semester practicum. Once all five courses are successfully completed, teachers can add the endorsement to their certificate.

The attached document lists the courses offered this winter/spring, their myPGS course number, and details about dates that the courses run for the winter/spring session. For additional information about endorsement requirements, please review the FAQ document. Please share this with anyone who may be interested in your buildings.

We are anticipating high enrollment in these courses; please encourage teachers to register quickly. If you have any questions, please contact Rachel Hatten.

List of Students and their Cores

This will be helpful for when you pick students to ensure you have the same core

Assessment News

Final Exam Week Bell Schedule

Check out the Bell Schedule for our Fall semester Final Exams in the District Finals folder under Assessments in SharePoint! You can also view the FAQs, check out scripts, access the ARM Resources webpage and browse the District Finals Searchable Database for all things related to District Finals.

Quarterly Check information for Q2 can be found in the Quarterly Checks folder under Assessments in SharePoint. You can view the FAQ's, reference sheets, text to speech instructions, and QC2 Overview info.

All teachers will administer one of the following assessments during Final Exam days:

1. District Final

2. Quarterly Check

3. Principal Approved Assessment (PAA) - Semester Length Courses w/o DF or QC

4. Summative Assessment for the Semester - If #1-3 don't apply

If you're not sure which assessment you will be giving, check with your PLC facilitator.

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Instructions for Students Requesting to Test Semester Exams Early

Please encourage perfect attendance during the Final Exam week!

Here are the steps that students/parents should take if they need to sign out of school early during the final exam days.

  1. Parents should submit a “Request for a Pre-Approved Absence” on the CCMHS home page by clicking on the Report an Absence button.
  2. Once approved by admin, the request is forwarded to Ms. Perez in Student Services and Mr. Copeland.
  3. When Mr. Copeland receives the request, he will contact the student and parent directly to arrange the date/time of early testing if the student will be absent on a testing day.
  4. Students who need to make up exams will have to do so during non-exam periods on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.
  5. If the request is not made or approved AND the student does not take the exam, then they will receive a grade of “0”.

Schoolwide News

Please Spend your $75 Classroom Fund Money By December 19th

Please see Lorriane for Assistance!

Nominate an Outstanding Guest Teacher!

Earlier this week you received an email from Kimberly Newberry about Guest Teacher Nominations. You will need administration approval if you have an outstanding Guest Teacher and/or Professional Guest Teacher that you would like to nominate. Please seek approval prior to completing the Machform sent in her email. Also, please note submissions are due by December 14, 2018.
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High School News

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Middle School News

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Actionable Items

Submit a Faculty or Student Howlout!

Faculty Howlouts will drive our selections for Staff Member of the Week. Each week we will announce all of our HS and MS Coyote staff members of the week! These staff members will have their names announced on the intercom on Friday. At the end of the quarter the Staff Members of the Week will be invited to a special luncheon in their honor! We look forward to receiving numerous staff shout outs so we have many to select from each week!”

Student Howlouts: At the end of the week these students will be invited down to the flag pole in the center of the courtyard where we will have a Coyote Flag to be raised on Friday. These students will get the honor of raising the flag each Friday, and will have their names announced on the intercom! At the end of the quarter we will have a breakfast for all of our Students of the Week and their parents.

Faculty- Click here to submit

Student- Click here to submit

Calling all Coyotes

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Coyote Resources

Resources Available to you!

Classroom visit- Behavior Specialist Request

Learning Design Coach Meeting with Mrs. Manning

Mrs. Hetzler-Nettles Classroom Visit

SAC Funds: If you would like to request funding for an initiative in your classroom or a school-based activity, please complete the following Mach Form: SAC Funds Request Form

Student Services

Are you concerned about a student? Behavior, Academics, or Attendance

Refer them to the Students Services Team!!

Click here to refer them!

Parent Howler Hub

Here is this weeks Parent Howler Hub! This is sent out via remind on Sunday Night!

If you ever want to submit anything to go in the Howler please use this request link!

It is also in the Requests Section of Sharepoint. It gives you a "fatal error" but it goes through.