Barry Keenam

2nd Period

Kendrick Cole

Kendrick Cole was born in Brooklyn, New York in March 13th, 1985. His mom was shot to death in front of Kendrick and his dad took the blame and went to jail for a crime he didn't commit. They found the person that really killed her and got Kendrick's dad out a year after the shooting. Kendrick grew up without a mom but he lived to be used to it. He was a nice guy, and he still is, but in elementary, he was bullied a lot by everybody because he was little. He didn't really have much friends but he still had some. They would try to help him, but sometimes the bullies would bully them too. Kendrick was sick of being bullied and he one day when they tried to bully him and his friends, he stood up to the main bully and got into his first fight. He didn't know what he was doing, but fortunately he won. Doing that, he felt like it was his calling to learn how to box. So he can really protect others and know what he is doing. He eventually learned how to box and was good at it by the age of 15. When Kendrick was 21, he was stuck inside a burning building with others inside it. He was looking for the people that were caught in the fire with him. He found some people in one of the rooms in that building stuck by a pile of debris. He pushed the debris away from them to see two kids, a boy, a girl holding a puppy , and a woman around the age of 19 and 20. They were all siblings going with the older sister to run an errand with her. He got them out of the building in time for the firemen to come in and find more people that were in the building and stopped the fire. Kendrick earned a medal for saving those people in that building and even ended up marrying the women that was in it. He also became a pro boxer at 30 years old. He always says "Never give up 'til u gave it your all". He always lives by giving it your very best, especially in the ring now. His boxing skills are pretty much super powers. Super strength and super speed in the ring. I describe him as likable, energetic and collected. A song that would go good with him is "Phenomenal" by Eminem because the lyrics that he uses are things that can inspire people to do what they really feel like it can be hard.

With lyrics like "With every ounce of my blood, with every breath in my lungs, won't stop until I'm Phenomenal, " and "I rhyme like life is still an uphill climb, ready to face it, each challenge waitin', can taste it, its salvation, I'm wagin' retaliation, " who couldn't be inspired? Kendrick Cole is a hero even if he wasn't in the army. He saved people that he didn't even know at first.

Eminem Phenomenal Clean Version
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