Video podcasting!

Technology we would like to see happen in our school.

What is Video Podcasting?

There is an increasing range of information being published on the Internet and now in books about using and creating podcasts as well as educational podcasting. Some articles are also beginning to appear, specifically targeted at educational audiences and users at home, school, college or university. podcasting has became very popular and is very fast using a RRS Feed meaning for you example french you will be able to show what you have done, then this can be then watched by other schools using the podcast instead of using email etc which will take a longer time to be sent.
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Can use any type of laptop,podcasting works on any.

Why should Podcasting come to our school?

Podcastings will be a very fun activitiy for students to attempt, which will make them learn new skills and able to build alot of coffidence. It will be able to show new ways of communicating with others and other schools.You will be able to make many different types of podcastings ranging from:children's stories, audio diaries, plays, interviews, news and reviews, even exam materials for children to catch up on! Other ways it can come in handy are:learning materials, which can include sound, images and video. It's publishing with a purpose. With a VLE [virtual learning environment], you have to encourage people to visit it, but podcasting is a push technology - once people have subscribed, they get the stuff sent to them. it's a great communication tool. Think of the number of school newsletters that never get read. Podcasting can be a great way to communicate with parents.Podcasts are stored or hosted online, often by third-party operators. Sometimes hosting is free, but it can cost around 50p-£1 per pupil per year. You can downoad a podcast to a PC or a portable music player, and listeners can also subscribe to RSS feeds that automatically download updated podcasts to their PC.

Doesn't video podcasting sound great? Why not take a chance to make children in the world of technology and to make there lessons more fun and parents?

Further Step!

Take a chance with new technology, it will be a fun activity for every student to be engaged with and further there education.