by Miciah Wallace

Being an actor

When an actor you get to perform in movies,commercials, plays, musicals, and even T.V shows.This job is not as easy as it seems though. You have to memorize lines and also try your best to keep up with new episodes everyday. You would normally have various hours as actor. Some courses that will help you on the path to become an actor would be Drama, and singing.

Examples of Acting

Business of an actor

As an actor normally you'd make a lot of money but then again it all depends on how popular or famous you are, for example Leonardo DiCaprio makes 45 million dollars a year.Normally during this job you would be working with other people, working outdoors and indoors, and you'd normally use your hands and mind. Qualities that would really help would be, being a social person, good singer/dancer, and of course you have to be able to act.Sometimes you might want to supervise others too.
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