Volume 4: January 19, 2016

3 Act Math Lessons

The 3 Act Math lesson is designed to be like a story; where the beginning introduces a conflict or problem, the second act then gives the protagonist (or students in our case) the tools or resources they need to overcome the obstacle, and finally it wraps with resolving the conflict as well as setting up a sequel or extension to the problem. It is a fun and engaging format developed by math guru Dan Meyer.

We've been lucky to have the opportunity to go into several classrooms already this month and model a variety of 3 Act Math lessons. We look forward to making our way into even more classrooms later this month and into next, to continue modeling this strategy and seeing all the different solutions students come up with!

Computer Science Week Follow Up

Computer Science week was a hit! From guest speakers to coding on Code.Org to the coding events hosted after-school, it was an inspiring week. A HUGE thank you to those teachers who had their students write thank you notes! The notes were delivered to Professor Bachman, Dr. Mike, and our computer forensic experts from Allergan. Each loved them.

To Professor Bachman

A letter of thanks to Professor Bachman from UCI for inspiring coding curiosity. It also includes screen shots of actual code created by the student to create the game "Pong."
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To Our Allergan Special Guests

Students learned the importance of computer safety from computer forensic experts Marjorie and RJ, right before the holiday break.
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Coming Soon!

January 28 from 3:15-4:15pm there will be an Illuminate training, which will focus on creating and implementing hybrid assessments. You will learn how to combine your hard copy assessment with the ease of giving it online! Look for a signup email with more details to follow soon.