Caravel Chronicle

February Edition

Important Dates

Math Benchmark - 2/1

Hendersonville Symphony Field Trip - 2/10

Midterm Reading (3 books due) - 2/19

Caravel Day - 2/19

Early Release - 2/19

Crossover Reading Raider Meeting - 2/23

Create Project/ Math PSJ Due - 2/29

Current Topics

Language Arts & Social Studies

In Language Arts, we are finishing our Heritage Presentations. The students worked so hard on their presentations did a great job presenting to the class! Thank you for your help and support in getting those interviews done. I hope your child will share their presentation with you. Our next project will be a research project and argumentative essay on Immigration in the United States. Students will "pick a side" and then find evidence to support their reasoning.

In Social Studies, we will do a brief unit on the five major world religions (Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Buddhism, and Hinduism). Soon we will begin our study of Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome. These are two of my favorite units!

Students presenting their Family Heritage Projects in Language Arts.

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Math and Science

Math - Students have begun their next unit which introduces Algebra. This unit will take the entire nine weeks, and has been split into two main parts, expressions and equations. Students will start out easy, solving expressions when given the variable, then work on solving equations with variables. At the end of this nine weeks, students will be able to identify linear functions and solve for missing values on an input/output table and graph their results.

Science - We are currently finishing our unit on the Solar System, students will be testing on February 3, but we will be continuing the topic with extension lessons based on the students interest. By the middle of this month we will be starting our next unit on Earth Structure and Systems, which includes the layers of the Earth, plate tectonics, volcanoes, earthquakes, mountains and trenches. This is an action-packed unit which involves a lot of building and testing of various student built models. Please be aware students may need to bring in materials from home to help out the classroom projects. Thank you in advance.

January Create Projects