Cupcake Cinema

Lights, Camera, Cupcake

Our Out-of-this World Cupcakes !!!!

We love what we know, and what we know is never enough

We at Cupcake Cinema love to take the "Ordinary"and make it into what we like to call "Extraordinary".Between our theme and exiting flavours there is a lot to think about.We make sure that each cupcake is made with a great deal care that by the first bite of one of our cupcakes, all that will be left ringing in your head would be Lights, Camera, Cupcake!Sincerely,Cupcake Cinema

Take a look at our 'Extrodinary' Cupcakes :)

Keep Calm and have a Cupacake :)

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We love pleasing our customers and that is what we do best, We always put our customers needs first. From day one we wanted a product which was unique , innovative and extraordinary. The moment our idea struck , we knew it was to last. Our ideas from that point on were going through the roof. We love pour customers and would love to know your thoughts and opinions :)

Special offers

We also sell, as a speciality 1D cupcakes for all those directioners out there,come and get yours for a pack of 4 small cupcakes for ONLY 5 dollars each.

We are located at Allan A. Martin P.S

Trade Show is a one day event, which means you can only find us on one day so, start marking it on your calendars. Trade Show is on Thursday May, 9 ,2013. Treat yourself with what you deserve . Till then Lights, Camera, Cupcake and Hope too see you at Trade Show :)