Will you join me next year?

Grateful for you

I'm grateful for our Team; I'm grateful for the opportunity to go to Leadership next week and I'm grateful for these oils.

March is the beginning of a new season, with snow in our area today following nearly 70 degrees yesterday; this month is bound to be corker.

How will your March match up with your desires? If you drink add a little oil to your beverage of choice, if not, do a mocktail for St. Patty's day or add oils to your favorite recipe. I know one thing - I will never be without my oils. How about you?

If you feel the same way this month, what harm is it to share them with others? Who knows you just might change a life!

I hope your month meets you with many blessings and many grateful moments.

Love Rhonda

Diffuse it now

Wild Orange Essential Oil | doTERRA Behind the Bottle: Episode 16

Setting Goals

Setting goals and meeting them are not always the same.

1. Identify your goal - it has to be yours, Ownership of your goal is essential

2. Why did you Identify that goal - Ask yourself three times, why you want that goal.

3. Setbacks - plan for them, because you will have setbacks - don't be afraid of them - embrace them.

4. Eat the elephant one piece at a time - small steps make big results, one thing today, each day - next week add two steps - you get the picture

5. Share it with someone who will hold you accountable. Not the nay sayer who is likely to poke holes in your goals - but someone who believes in you and is willing to hold you to it.

Put up visual cues to motivate you each and every day.

5 Simple Steps for Setting Goals | doTERRA Wellness Wednesday with Tim Hightower


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