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The beginning of "Parent University"

From time to time, we will be sharing links (see below) for parents to access that are intended to help you help your kids with homework. The first three are links that help explain some of the "New Math" with the "Common Core." Each one is about 15 minutes. Later some of the links may be produced by our own teachers, but for now there is not reason to reinvent the wheel. If you come across links that you find helpful and feel other parents will too, please email them to me: dhayman@kpbsd.k12.ak.us and I will include them in our library of links.

(Full disclosure: Just like most of my good ideas, this one came from my wife.)

Hope these are helpful.


Doug Hayman

Parent University- Explaining Core Math

A parent explains with his own words how Core Math works.

Parent University- Why use a numberline with Core Math

You may need to use a google app account to open this link.

Parent University - Explaining "Why"

A teacher explains the "why" we teach in multiple ways. Not just the algorithm.

Huge "SHOUT OUT" and Thank you to Mike and Patty Murray!!

Thank you to Mike and Patty Murray for donating a bunch of gloves to our school. We will reserve these gloves for kids who don't have any, (not just because they forgot theirs.) So, parents, please send a note to school if you wish for your child to receive a pair of these gloves.

Coming Events


17- Turkey Bingo/Split the Pot 6pm-8pm

21- PTO Meeting 4pm

22- Early Release Teacher Collaboration Time- Personalized Learning PD

23-24- Thanksgiving

27- Site Council 4pm

29- Box Top Store


8- Cash Raffle 4pm

11- Winter Concert - 6pm

21- Reindeer Games

22- Teacher In-service Standards-based report cards- Personalized Learning PD

25- 1/7/2018- Winter Break

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