PRE sports

By: Abbygale ann stoker 3rd period

PRE sports-

an athletic class getting u ready to do real sports like Football, Volleyball, Basketball, or Track.

Expectations in PRE sports

  1. Try your hardest in class
  2. Always be outside the locker room before the bell rings
  3. Always have your hair up when stretching and exercising
  4. Always have your gym clothes unless it's a health day then you take your gym clothes home
  5. Always treat your classmates\teammates with honesty and respect

Some exercises we do in class

One more thing we do in class


We haven't started basketball yet, but it's almost basketball season so we will probably start soon. I like to play basketball but I don't like to watch it on TV because then all your doing is just sitting watching TV, I like to be physical and running around and all that good stuff.

Some different things we NEED to do

Dressing out- Every student must dress out every day unless it's health day
Lockers- Everyone must have a lock on their locker. Also NONE can share a locker.
Grading- Everyone get's a physical grade on whether or not you are doing what you are supposed to or not.
Health day- Is every Thursday or Friday when we don't dress out and we take our clothes home. Our grade for that day is in our health book we do some type of activity.