Go to Eduphoria. Click on Forethought

Click on another Entry if you have more subjects to add.

Lesson Plan Components

1. Calendar - days with plans will be bold
2. Planner List - yours will be first
3. Planner settings and search lesson plans
4. Lesson plan content area
5. Curriculum Pane- double click to add TEKS
6. Curriculum Pane - Add resources and connect to aware graphs

Primary and Entry Toolbar

The primary toolbar resembles a word processing toolbar, with many of the same options. The entry toolbar allows you to print, save to activities, copy and other lesson options.

Enter Information into Planner

To begin entering a lesson plan

  1. To begin entering a lesson plan:
    1. Click on My Lesson Planner OR your Team Planner
    2. Click the date on the calendar in which you want to start planning.

  2. 3. Click an entry in the lesson plan content area. If you are in

    your personal planner, it will become active immediately. However, if you are in a team planner, you must first click on the Check out and edit lesson button / OK in order to make that lesson editable.

    4. Key in lesson plans for this date and course. Notice that you may format your page by changing font color or alignment, adding bulleted or numbered lists.

    5. Lesson plans may not automatically be saved. In order for all features to work and to ensure no work is lost, please SAVE each day’s plans.

To add a learning standard to your lesson plan

To add a learning standard to your lesson:

( Must be IN the entry window for the lesson in which you are editing.)

  1. Navigate to the learning standard on the left in which you want to include

  2. Double-click the standard to have it added to the top panel in your plan

To remove a standard from your lesson:

1. Right-click on the standard in your plans

2. Select Remove From Lesson in the menu

To document Instructional Strategies,Software Use, and Hardware Use.

  1. Click anywhere in the blue, shaded title box at the top of the window to open the checklist.

  2. Click to select each of the Instructional Strategies,software use and hardware use that will be covered in the current lesson.

  3. Click on CLOSE and you will see only those items you selected below the Learning Standards.

To attach a document to the lesson

1. At the bottom of each lesson’s entry window, you may click on the paper clip button to attach a document related to the lesson.

2. Browse to find the file to be attached... enter a description of the attached file (if you want), and click on Attach.

To view, enter or print plans by the week

1. Click the down arrow next to the View Planner in Other Ways icon on the toolbar and click on View Weeks Plans to access your five-day plans.
2. Click on the Print button to print weekly plans to Word, Excel or PDF...then, print from within the new window.

3. To move week-to-week, use either the calendar or the green navigation arrows.
4. To copy a day's plan to another day. Choose view weekly planner (calendar icon). This will activate the Copy Wizard. Follow the steps to copy one day to another day.

5. To return to the planner view, double-click a day. Print options are also available from the daily view.

To share your planner with GCS

Go to the planner options and share your planner.