Public Speaking

Confidence to Speak Up

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Public Speaking is a helpful class because of the attributes it gives you, including:

  • developing critical thinking skills,
  • fine-tuning verbal and nonverbal skills,
  • overcoming fear of public speaking.

Every day for one trimester, you get the experience of speaking in front of a class.

Some benefits of public speaking are:

  • influencing the world around you,
  • developing leadership skills,
  • becoming a thought leader.

These skills are helpful in many jobs and careers, so it might help you with your future. For instance, in teaching you will have to be able to talk in front of a whole class and describing what you need the students to do.

Our Top Instructor:

Stacy Crick


What are the required speeches?

You will have to give a speech of introduction, a persuasive speech, a demonstration speech, an informative multimedia speech/sales presentation, a biography speech, and finally impromptu speeches throughout the semester.

What are the major units of study?

We will study the development of a speech, the support behind a speech, the building of a speech, the writing of a speech, the delivering of a speech, and the critiquing of a speech.

We are Debate Buddies

Next week we will be having our first debate! We've been working hard to come up with pros and cons for each topic. It's going to be fun!