Racism is not a big deal in Canada

History/Geography connection:

History that relates to the issue

  • In Canada racism was a driving force behind the transatlantic slave trade.
  • Aboriginal people had problem with the education of there people.

-The aboriginal were forces to study white culture.

Geography that relates to the issue

  • Some kids on Canada fight with other kids that are from other country and color.

Current Issue:

  • Discrimination is exclude a group of people or a person.
  • People don't get job because of the color of the skin.
  • Systemic racism is much more difficult to pinpoint and eliminate.
  • For many years First Nations people had difficulty getting hired as teachers of their own people.
  • People need to see other races in a positive light to recognize racism is based on ignorance.
  • One group of school children gets into a fight with another and race is the issue.

How would the government resolve this?

  • Some believe that the only way to eliminate racism is to scream long, loud, and often at every instance of it.
  • Work all together to stop racism.
  • You have to make the different.

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