virtual Resume

By; Rajan Dhaliwal

Smart Goals- Acadamic Goal

S: By the end of grade 12. I want have an overall average of 80 + and would like to get at least 2 honor roll as well.

M: The way I am going to measure this goal is by checking my report card and checking if I increased or dropped my percentage and compare it to my tests and my old report card. This goal will be achieved by the end of grade 12 and by then I will be accepted in variety of universities.

A: some steps I am going to do to achieve this goal is by studying an hour or more each day for straight 7 days before my test or when assignments are due. I will review everything that I learned in class for the half hour and then do practice on int such as textbook work. For assignments I will start 2 weeks before and gather everything I need so I can be done a week before its due. I will go in for extra help after school , mornings or and lunch if I don’t understand anything.

R: This goal is going to be important in 2018 because it will help me decide my future and further steps I want to take such as what career I want to go into and what university.

T: By the first midterm in grade 12 I want have a 80 average or more and by the end of the semester I would like it to go over this or stay the same. The second semester at mid I want a 82 or higher and final I want a 85 average at least or over. This Is my academic goal and I know how to achieve this by the end of grade 12.

Smart Goal- Volunteering Goal

S: I want to finish high school with 300 or more volunteering hours because at the moment i am at 200 and I want to beat that record.

M: some methods I will start from now and moving on are that I will try to volunteer in my 2 month summer vacation and try to do 50 or more hours each year because I have 250 at the moment. this goal will go on with me for the next 2 years starting from now.

.A: some specific steps I am willing to take are that I will volunteering the summer with camps or medical shelter rather than enjoy at home a watch TV. I will sacrifice anything in my vacation to go and volunteer each day.

R:This goal is important for me for me at this point of my life because if I have a high average and more volunteering hours I will have more opportunity to apply and get accepted by universities.

T: some small goals that I have set are that I will try to go 5 days a week and 6-8 hours each day of volunteering. I will also stay extra time if we have to clean up or plan something out for the next day. I am willing to do my volunteering hours with camps because you get have a lot of experience.