George Washington

By Jared Weisler


George Washington was a very interesting man and extremely intelligent. He was a great leader. As General of the Continental Army, he had to lead with example. He did just that. He had such great leadership he was elected 1st president. He was a great role model and he helped America become what it is today. George Washington once said “ It is better to make no excuses then make a bad one.”

About George Washington

George’s educational career started at the College of William and Mary in Virginia. He later became a general. He was a great general and he learned how to lead by example. He was very strong and mighty and he made it through every battle. He stationed his troops where he felt was the most safest place, but he might have taken some risks. Overall he made sure that his men were safe. The continental army was tough. They were outnumbered by 60,000 soldiers! George Washington led them to victory in 1776, but it was a long hard battle between the British and the Colonies. There were a bunch of little wars, fights about taxes, and Boycotts. The Continental Army was able to surprisingly defeat the British. If you ask how they did, well here's your answer…George Washington stationed his troops in the right places and planned surprise attacks that were able to kill a lot of British men. He was the fighter for the colonies.

Continental Army

The Continental Army was a big reason why George had his success. George was a general and he led the Continental Army. But the Continental Army fought hard and trained hard. George just kind of led the way for the Continental Army. The Continental Army was so small compared to the British that they deserve a lot of credit as well. Many soldiers weren't trained and some volunteered, but they still worked hard enough that they won the war. The British had 50,000 soldiers plus 30,000 German soldiers helping them. The Continental Army only had 20,000 untrained soldiers. The British had way more trained soldiers. There were other things that had to happen for America to win the war.

American Revolution

Then Ben Franklin, John Adams, and Thomas Jefferson negotiated. There were many more American heroes each one deserves the same amount of credit. They each had different jobs. All these jobs helped the colonies defeat England. George Washington was the mighty fighter for the colonies. He was the soul of the Continental Army. He did everything he possibly could and he sacrificed. He led his troops through harsh times.With no food or water he crossed the Delaware River in the freezing cold. This is what made him such a leader and a fighter. The Continental Army deserves credit for fighting as well. Some lived but sadly some died. Overall the Continental Army is the reason we won the battle part of the Revolution.

About the American Revolution

On the other hand, the American Revolution was all about taxes. The negotiation was all Treaty of Paris. Ben Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, and John Adams wrote this amazing document. They negotiated tax and government. They wanted to make tax law fair. George Washington helped a little too but he mostly did battle. Other than his couragesness he was also very intelligent. He helped get ideas for the Declaration of Independance. The Declaration of Independence was written by Thomas Jefferson in 1776. George Washington attended Continental Congresses using his sharp mind. He helped brainstorm ideas. He could do it all he just happened to be more into battle than laws and taxes and stuff that Ben Franklin did. That's what made George and Ben so different. Ben was older than George so he couldn't really fight as well. That´s why he did taxes and negotiation or maybe he just liked that stuff better.

All About George Washington

Overall George played a big role because of his leadership, intelligence, and his mightiness. He had help along the way by other generals and lieutenants. But he did some heroic stuff himself. He was an American hero. He could do it all which was a big help to the Colonies. With the help of several other people George accomplished so much in his life, and he helped America accomplish their goals too. He first sided with the British during the French and Indian War, but he decided he was born and raised in America so he sided with them. He did so much for his home country. His intelligence and and leadership was all used for America. He would probably sacrifice everything for America.


In conclusion, George Washington was smart and brave and he did everything he could for America. He never doubted America and even with such a disadvantage he led America to victory. All in all, George Washington would do anything for his beloved country even if he didn't want to or he was discouraged.
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