Lins' Updates

Week of November 30 - December 3

Reader's Workshop / Literacy

We've been having some great discussions about the civil rights movement and the problems and challenges people have had to overcome during this time period. Our main focus has been on the planning and collaboration of different forces that was needed for the organization of MLK Jr.'s March on Washington. Recently we have been working on our summarizing skills, using text evidence, and think about big ideas within a text.

Unit 4 Test Coming Soon!

This week wraps up the unit for Division -- we spent a lot of time working on traditional division. I was very happy to see that most students took on this new method (even though a few were stubborn to try it at first). Thank you to everyone at home with their patience and help with the change in methods.

Please be on the look out for a study guide to be coming home this next week with a projected Unit 4 test to happen on Wednesday, December 9th. The test will focus on division of one and two digit numbers; division of decimals; interpreting the remainder and writing it as a mixed number; extended facts; and map scale skills.

Writer's Workshop

We've launched the Photo Essay genre and are knee deep in research about natural disasters such as Hurricane Katrina, the Joplin Tornado, and the Attack of 9-11. The students have been learning a lot about these events; doing research, taking notes, and watching videos. We are continuing to focus on our theme of collaboration and thinking about how people pulled together during the event and after to solve a problem/rebuild/make a change.

If you have time this weekend, please take a minute to ask your child about the event they chose and their thoughts on it. Many students have questions about how/why things happened!

Social Studies - Map Tests

This week's map test covered World Continents & Oceans.

Next week's test (Dec. 7-11) will be: World Political

Christmas Break/January test: United States and Cities

Please know that your child is welcome to re-take any/all of the tests until they feel they have received their highest grade. Final map test scores will have to be completed before the end of Quarter 2.


Holiday Updates

This year we will be having a holiday party and as Secret Santa book exchange in our classroom. Each student will fill out a short survey about the genre/type of books they like to read. There will be a Secret Santa drawing and your child will come home with a name and the completed survey. The book can be purchased new or gently used with a price limit of $5.

On another note the 5th grade will be running a food drive to make donations to the Food Pantry. We will deliver the good during the week before winter break. Please be on the look out for a note home and more detailed information to come!

Germ Patrol Needs Help!

Germ season is upon us -- Ok, we're in school, so germ season is always here :)-- but our classroom is trying our best to stay germ-free, and healthy! This includes hand-sanitizing before snack as well as keeping our hands clean after using tissues. We try hard to keep the desks, door handles, and tables wiped down to keep germs to a minimum! However, we are running low on Lysol/Clorox wipes! If anyone will willing to donate germ wipes or hand-santizer, we would greatly appreciate it!

Thank you!

Important Dates to Remember

Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, December 23, 24, 25-- NO SCHOOL! Happy Holidays!!