Mr. Nielsen's Wildcat Newsletter

Weekly Madrona News: May 8, 2022

At Home STEM Kits

Science Olympiad is pleased to offer FREE At Home STEM Kits so that students can bring the fun and excitement of science home to their families! Stop by Mrs. Hallsted's classroom (room SC2) during Open House to see displays of the different kit options and submit your order. Each Madrona student can order one kit which will be delivered to them at a later date. If you aren't able to drop by during Open House, order forms can be picked up in room SC2 or printed out at home and returned to either room SC2 or the box in front of the office. All order forms are due by the end of the school day on Friday, May 13th.

Jurassic Classic 2022

Jurassic Classic

Every year, the 8th grade science students at Madrona create a slide about a living thing that has gone extinct. They are entered into a head-to-head tournament that will decide the most engaging, informative, and creative profile of all of those organisms. We started with almost 200, and it's time to vote for the champion! Cast your vote here:

Voting will close on Thursday, May 12 at 3pm.

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Open House

Just a reminder that next Tuesday is Open House at Madrona Middle School! Please join us on campus to meet your child's teachers and see examples of what they have learned this year. Open house is an evening to celebrate and showcase what students have learned this year. It is not a time to discuss individual student progress. If you have specific questions or concerns, please reach out to your child's teacher to schedule a conference.


Madrona Open House

Tuesday, May 10th from 5pm-6pm

8th Grade Activities Parent Meeting & PTSA Association meeting - 6pm in the Madrona Staff Lounge

There is not a set schedule. Drop by your child's classes anytime between 5pm-6pm.

Schools begins at 8:10am. We will not have late start!

Dismissal at 1:20pm.

Summer Math Acceleration

Dear 6th & 7th Grade Parents,

This summer, TUSD will be providing a variety of summer opportunities for our students. The Math Acceleration Summer Program provides an opportunity for students currently enrolled in math 6 or math 7 to accelerate in math. If your student is interested and was successful in their math class this year, then this may be an option.

If your student is a current 6th grader, this program will prepare him/her for Accelerated 7th as a 7th grader. The program will cover the essential standards from the first half of 7th grade math. If your student is a current 7th grader, this program will prepare him/her for Algebra 1. The program will cover the essential standards from 8th grade math. Your student will need to complete the program and defend his/her readiness to accelerate.

This program will be from June 27 to July 28. It is a 5 week program that meets 4 days a week, Monday through Thursday. Two sessions will be offered in the morning. Each session will be two hours long. The session will either be from 8:00 am-10:00 am or 10:15 am-12:15 pm. The program will be at Hull Middle School and available for Hull and Madrona students. All sessions will be subject to availability.

Please fill out this form if you are interested in enrolling your child.

Accelerated Math Summer Program @ Hull Middle School

Available for Hull and Madrona Students

June 27 to July 28 - No school July 4

  • Meets every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday

  • Two Sessions Available

    • Session 1 - 8:00 am - 10:00 am or

    • Session 2 - 10:15 am - 12:15 pm

* Your student will be enrolled in only one session. All sessions will be subject to availability.

Summer Enrichment - Sign Ups Coming Soon

Madrona summer enrichment sessions will be scheduled for August 15-18. We are still in planning for specific offerings. We will be publishing your choices and opening signups this week.
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Modified Schedule for State Testing

  • To help students focus, our schedule will be modified. See details below.
  • Breakfast will be available from 7:45am-8am in the cafeteria on testing schedule days.
  • During each of the testing days, optional enrichment activities will be offered to our students in the afternoon.
  • Families will be able to choose whether students head home at 12:54 pm or stay on campus for enrichment. Here are the enrichment options available for students from 12:54pm-3pm. Lunch will be available at 12:54 until 1:40. Students who stay for enrichment will not be allowed to leave until 2:57pm unless picked up by a parent.
  • Students will be able to rotate through the following enrichment stations.
  • Board Games - Outside Cafeteria

    Clash of Clans Tourney - Outside Cafeteria

    Spike Ball - Blacktop

    Cornhole/Bags - Blacktop

    Basketball - Blacktop

    Volleyball - Blacktop

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Shouts Outs!

Reading Stats for April week

  • Top Class: Mrs. Young P3 - 17,829 minutes
  • Top Readers: Ichhya Neupane - 1000; Tyler Homma - 930; Taylor Fong - 541
  • Everyone: 547,498 minutes

Way to go!

  • Ms. Fu: Thank you to PTA and everyone involved in providing the goodies for teacher appreciation week :)
  • Mrs. Brown: Thank you to PTSA and Sorah and Jeff and anyone else who provided goodies/meals or gifts for Teacher appreciation week that was awesome! Thanks for blessing our staff !
  • Mr. Estefan: Shoutout to Simone S. for her skillfully composed poem about "nostalgia." And thank you Madden, Alana, Lexie, and Sakurako for your awesome and appreciated classroom leadership. Further, I am impressed with the following 6th grade authors: Ryan Y., Hunter R., Michael R., Lily T., Jimin K., Kian E., and Carter N; and finally, I would like to recognize Abigail M., Hana N., Sarah M., Milla F., and Kristine S. for creative excellence in writing and artwork.
  • Mrs. Wulpern: Congratulations to all my period 2 math students who received a "4" on their last Quick Check!!!
  • Mrs. Ton: Congratulations to our eSport Mario Kart (Nolan Hess, Brandon Hsu, Sam Apodaca, and Caleb Ho) and Smash Bro (Ethaniel Resurreccion, Curtis Downs, Brandon Nguyen, and Matthew Ozuna) teams! This week, we played against Bert Lynn and won all matches. Mario Kart 2-0 and Smash 6-0. Our Mario Kart Team will move on to the semi final and play versus Magruder next week. Good luck, guys!
    Thank you to the Leadership class for making cute posters and videos for Teacher Appreciation Week. Thank you my students for the thoughtful notes and gifts. Thank you for the wonderful snacks, goodies, and lunch from our PTSA.
  • Miskimens' Fastest miles times for the week of April 21(This was to go out 2 weeks ago.) are:
    Period 3: Haru Shiokawa(6:51), Leah Sasaki(6:50) Megan Wada(8:18) Cody Galindo(8:16), Preston Hoang(7:20)Tak Machida(8:02) Chloe Coe(7:20), Illani Paul(8:11) Kai Tran (8:16) Megan Wu(8:18), Sona Tsukada(8:21)
    Period 6:
    Konomi Rokugawa(7:09), Michael Roosa(7:05), Sakura Ueno(7:05), Kane Martinez(7:11), Ilan Levy(7:47), Seita Koge(7:06), Jace Kalata(7:45), Marissa Allen(7:45), Addison Wall(7:55), Jacob Legaspi(7:58), Masaki Kwon(7:55), Sungmo Kim(7:54), Ashley Haren(8:22), Arjang Ehsan(7:34), Jaebian Chatman(7:11) Kayla Kasterko(7:48) Ethan Nacionales(7:54), Haru Sakamoto(7:07), Zoe Walker(7:45)
  • Mrs. Miskmen: Thank you to Sophia Croitoru for being brave and eating a "Sewer Lice."
  • Mrs. Fu: Thank you to all of my students who made this teacher feel appreciated this past week!
  • Mr. Snow: KUDOS to 8th grade ELA on their second successful Socratic seminar!
  • Ms. Brown: Conner Castrillon, Celeste Maranan-Gagajena, Daniel Park, Joseph Hernandez, Felicia Dragotto, Rayhan Munawar, Matthew Simon, Natalia, friend of Felicia, for being stellar students who are considerate of others when they are around other students here at Madrona that might be very different from them ! Thanks for making a positive school environment and being there for other peers ! You guys make a difference! Keep up the good positive influence difference makers that you are!!
  • Mr. H: Mr. H. Shout out and congratulations to the following students whose poems were accepted for publication in the Creative Communications national middle school poetry competition - Moon Turner, Alyssa Moreno, Matt Price, Ren Fujii, Aimee Kim, Max Hoxworth, Amy Aoki, Zach Kohara, Sohl Choi, David Lee, Luke Dominguez, Hayley Klein, Gabe Rachman, Daniel Park, Robert Stafsudd, Anthony Guerra, Zanib Arain, Janine Murphy, Paige Hoang, Matt Macias, Kirs Sinclair, Reed Sandoval, Valerie Phan, Maia Caasi, Ezra Engoy, Chelsea Son, Yuzu Saito, Sofia Wessels, Hanna Tsukada, Kaya Herndon, Gavin Monteverde, Conner Castrillon, Marissa Roberts, Seyun Kim, Jaden Renaldi, Jason Shin, Kristin Nakamura, Abigail Berry, Nathan Song, Jocelyn Mansour, Curtis Downs, Emily Proenca, Brandon Hsu, Eunice Ko, Stanley Lin, Dylan Chang, Milo Guba, Noriyoshi Mori, David Diaz, Lukas Ryan, Hazel Valle, Ishika Chhawchharia, Ben Coyne, Hayden Lee, Celeste Julita Maranan-Gagajena, Natalie Brown, Logan Cole, Aubrey Proo, and Caleb Ho.

Details for End of the Year 8th Grade Events

DANCE (Sponsored by PTSA)

Date: June 10, 2022 (Friday)

Location: Toyota Meeting Hall Banquet Room
3330 Civic Center Drive, Torrance Cultural Arts Center

Time: 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm

Theme: Red Carpet, Hollywood Style
Photo Booth/DJ

Finger Foods/Snacks/Deserts/Waters & Juices

As per all events: Madrona Dress Code Applies

  • Attire Boys: Nice Slacks/Pants/Casual Suit (no Jeans) nice shirt, nice shoes
  • Attire Girls: Nice dress, pants/blouse
  • Dresses must be to the knee or lower
  • No strapless dresses/tops
  • Wedges/Flats only, NO spiked heels

PICNIC (Sponsored by PTSA)

Date: June 15, 2022 (Wednesday)

Location: Madrona Campus

Time: 10:30 am to 2:30 pm

Food, Music and Games will be provided by PTSA


Date: June 16, 2022 (Thursday)
Time: 3:30 pm
Location: Zamperini Stadium, 2125 Lincoln Ave, Torrance
Parking: Park in the aquatic center lot

Donations still being accepted with the flier Here (mail in or drop to office). Checks payable to Madrona PTSA and please write student's name under memo. Thank you for your consideration. No donation is too big or too small. Help us give our students a memorable 8th grade year.

For any questions or additional information, please send your inquiries to Judy Briggs at:

8th Grade Promotion

Thursday, June 16th, 3:30pm

2125 Lincoln Avenue

Torrance, CA

Homework Club & Activities

HOMEWORK CLUB 3:10-4:00 PM-any Madrona student can drop in.

  • Mondays: Room 14
  • Tuesdays: Room 17
  • Wednesdays: Room 25
  • Thursdays: Room SC1

CLUBS and FUN Activities:

  • Craft Club - All students welcome - in Room 4, Thursdays at lunch
  • Chess Club - Wednesdays in Room 14 at lunch
  • Ultimate Frisbee - Wednesdays at the field behind the gym
  • Math Club-Thursdays in Room 24 afterschool
  • Cinema Club-Thursdays and Fridays in Room 25 at lunch
  • Art Club Fridays in Room 26 at lunch
  • Lunch League 3-v-3 Basketball Tournament
  • Music Club- Friday in Room 22 at lunch
  • CJSF - 2nd Tuesday of every month in Room SC3 at lunch