Leonardo Da Vinci

The awesome inventions of the time

The armored tank

Today's tanks are a model from the Leonardo's sketch's.Leonardo had the tank to be just like a turtle like war machine which would held guns.The tank would carry 8 people.And to weaken the enemy the war tank had guns shooting all directions.

Diving suit

Leonardo also had an idea of helping the army from invading ships.Build scuba suits!The hard part of that is that they had little advanced material than we do.The only advance stuff he had was his ideas!

Also the trick was to drill a hole in the ship's base.


He invented the parachute.Also he invented the ornithopter.He used the force of gravity and wind pull to make it work.Mean while the gravity pulls the wings are working.The ornithopter is like a glider.Exept it was hard to belive to fly back then.