Third Grade Reach for the Stars

Mrs. Roberts

Mark your Calendars!

  • January 29th- No School Martin Luther King Day
  • February 8th- Sherwood Carnival
  • February 13th- Valentine's Day Afternoon Celebration
  • February 14th- Teachers Institute- No Student Attendance

Upcoming Events

Sherwood Carnival-Our room parents are busy preparing a creative "fidget" theme basket! Each class in the school helps to prepare a basket that can be used for the annual raffle at the Sherwood Carnival. Please consider donating! Please send in any donations by Friday, January 31, 2020. On behalf of the Sherwood PTO, thank you so much for your support!

iREAD- The District 112 IRead challenge if off to a great start!

Since the Sherwood School school wide expectation is for all students to be reading for enjoyment at least 20 minutes a night (weeknights) we will ask that all students record their reading on their iRead logs. Our goal is to again bring home the iRead trophy to Sherwood School! iRead logs have been distributed at the end of the week!

English Language Arts

Spelling Update

We look forward to kicking off a new spelling endeavor the week of 1/21/20. Students will be provided with a list of ten spelling words on Mondays. (Or, the first day of the school week.) In class we will be focusing on the spelling pattern/rule in which the list of words follow, along with taking part in activities that allow students to use the words in context, identify parts of speech and apply the same pattern/rule to other words. While there will be no assigned spelling homework, students will be provided with a list of ways to help make spelling practice fun and engaging. On Fridays, students will take part in a spelling test of all ten words. We look forward to this new spelling initiative!


This week will continue working with fractions. We will dig deeper fractions on a number line. We will continue our study of measurement in the form of fractions supporting comparing fractions with sketches. They will be showing this by drawing rectangles or circles and sectioning equal parts Students will also compare and order unit fractions from greatest to least, first using the paper rectangles they folded and labeled.

Science- Water & Climate

This week, the meteorologists are excited to kick off our unit on Water and Climate.

This week we will conduct investigations to observe the properties of water, Earth’s most precious resource! They’ll compare how water drops interact with four materials: paper towel, waxed paper, aluminum foil, and writing paper to observe how water absorbency. Later in the week the students will engage in a challenge to measure how much water a dry sponge can soak up. They’ll determine this by measuring mass, volume, or perhaps even both. Integrating what they’ve learned in our math sessions will add for opportunities to explore real world experiences!

Scholastic Book Orders

Here is the link to online order books using our classroom code!