And Then There Were None

By: J.T. (big jim) Rowe


This story starts with our author telling us a lot of information about a lot of people that are all heading to the same place(Justice Wargrave,Vera Clayworth,Philip Lombard,General John MacArthur, Emily Brent, Dr. William Armstrong,William Blore, Anthony Marston,Thomas and Ethel Rogers). The people are all exited for this chance to go to a island that is supposedly owned by a rich man by the name of U.N.Owens. The group gets there to find there host not there but they think nothing of it because they are in complete bliss. The first night the group is there a voice comes over the speakers accusing every person on the island of a crime and basically says they will pay for it. The first sign of this pay back is on the first night when one of the men chokes on his drink and dies of asphyxiation and this is what kicks of our story. One by one more people start dying and everyone gets mire suspicious and start trusting each either less. After the third death they finally except that there is a murder with them. The group try to team up and find a murder but sadly they find nothing and the deaths continue. After around the fifth death Vera (one of the main characters) recite a poem that was on her mantle piece in her room and not until then does the group realize all these deaths are based off this poem and that they are dealing with a real psychopath. The group devises ways of keeping everyone together so no one will have the chance to kill anyone. This does not make a difference.

The best part of this story is when we reach towards the end with only three people left, Vera, Blore,and Lombard. The group just found a dead body of Armstrong who was there suspected killer. Vera and Lombard are split up from Blore and as they try to find him and as they go into the house they find him dead as well. The final two are shown. Lombard who has a revolver believes that Vera, a very intelligent girl, is the murderer and visa versa. The two have a stand off both accusing the other and as Lombard reaches for his gun Vera surprisingly pulls it out know revealing she had pic-pocketed it and she shoots Lombard. In her guilt feeling state and extreme tiredness Vera heads up top her room feeling relieved but realizes that after everything that people would want her to hang her self so she does and then we think we have figured out who are killer is but many things are not clear.

After our basic chapters end we learn the police have found the island and all the dead bodies and can not figure out who the killer is because the only way possible is if someone killed themselves in an insanely cruel way. The nest part and final part of the book is a confession explaining everything. The killer was one of the guest but nit one of the ones anyone suspected. This killer faked their own death with some help from someone they convinced to trust them. They acted dead but were very much alive and they were killing people in the shadows. The killer tells us that they will kill themselves on the island now but will place the gun he shoots him with far away from his body do he looks like one of the basic victimizes. This confession is signed by no one else but our own Justice Wargrave ho did this because he thought it was the only way for justice.


I thought that this hole entire story was very well thought out and written but by far my favorite character was Justice Wargrave and this is why. As the groups all comes together Wargrave takes it upon him self to kind of lead the group and conversations and in there activities because he is used to being in charge since he is a judge. As the killings start he is the one that makes everything fair and is the one that seems to be coming closer and closer to the answer and he is the only one doing this the right way. He shows us his intelligence by making accusations of people for factual reasons and not excluding himself from the mix of suspects. He shows that he is very fair and smart. He makes friends with everyone and kind of for me became the only one I trusted in the house. He thinks before every action and doesn't make enemies. Towards the end of the story he is posed to me dead and at that point i knew things would go down hill without them there to keep things normal. I had no idea how wrong i was until I finished the book. After the last deaths happen and the police find all the people dead on the island we read a confession wrote by yours truly, Justice Wargrave. He tells us in his confession that Wargave set everything up that he was a sham and everything you thought you knew in this book was wrong. Wargrave planed his own death and faked it with some help of a Dr. and he hides in the shadows. He tells us that he studied every person there and he first knew how to get them to the island then had to figure out how to kill them. He follows a poem to the "T" as he kills the people and he doesn't make a single mistake. He outsmarted every person there all by himself and took down a group of people that he though deserved death. With his insane ingeniousness and thirst for justice I learned to love this character and respect him in his own creepy way. To top all things off he kills him self and poses as just another guest and he gets away totally clean even though he left all the bodies and weapons and any evidence that was accumulated at the crime seen there.