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Welcome Back...the Library books sure Missed you!

Library Newsletter

This is the first issue of the Crawford Library Newsletter. I plan to keep you updated on the many activities and events sponsored and celebrated by the library throughout the year.

I am excited and looking forward to a great year in 2015-2016. One change you will see in the library this year is our new Library Assistant, Ms. Belinda Morin. Be sure to welcome her!

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Summer Time Active Reader Forms/Scholastic Summer Reading Challenge

Summer Reading

All forms are due in the library by Tuesday, Sept. 1. Top reader per grade level will receive a medal. The top reader overall will be awarded the Summer Time Active Reader Trophy for the most pages read during the summer. All readers will be invited to a celebration in the library.

In addition, the student who logged in the most minutes throughout the summer in the Scholastic Summer Reading challenge will be awarded with a reading achievement medal.

Percentages to meet Weekly AR Goals

Just a reminder, these are the percentages students need to meet per week in order to reach their 6 weeks goal in a timely manner. As per district goals. The only exceptions are the 1st six weeks and the 6th six weeks.

Week 1- 17%
Week 2- 33%

Week 3- 50%
Week 4- 67%
Week 5- 83%
Week 6-100%

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AR Star Testing

Students in grades 2nd-5th grade will begin Star Testing the week of Sept. 7-11. This will give students their ZPD level which is the level in which students can read comfortably in order to achieve success and growth. A reminder this test is only available for English readers. 1st graders who are already reading may take the test if recommended by their teacher. Please let me know if you have any questions regarding Star Testing or student ZPD levels.

Once students get their ZPDs please be sure to write them in their reading logs so they can know what level of books they will be reading.

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Lost books and Ebooks

Teachers, there are some students who have lost books in the past year, so one of the initiatives libraries are taking is having those students read ebooks. Many students have up to three books from other campuses. They can return books to me and I will send back to campuses or they can go and return books themselves. We have over 1000 books that are found on our Destiny Catalog and can be read and tested on by students.
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International Dot Day

Tuesday, September 15th is known as International Dot Day. The Dot is written by Peter Reynolds. It is a great book to share during these beginning weeks of school and inspire students to be creative and make their mark and see where it takes them. You can read the book aloud and share a short 4 minute video on the book. Hope you can join us in celebrating the creativity in each of us.

With a simple, witty story and free-spirited illustrations, Peter H. Reynolds entices even the stubbornly uncreative among us to make a mark - and follow where it takes us.

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