Using Online Tools and Sites

to promote student learning

Creativity and Innovation

  • Students can create new materials, mix up existing ones, mash things together.
  • Use ideas from others as inspiration.
  • Predict future trends

Communication and Collaboration

  • interact, collaborate and publish with peers
  • communicate ideas with others effectively
  • understand other cultures
  • solve problems together online

Research and Find Information

  • find, analyse, evaluate and use materials online
  • check credibility of sources
  • use information ethically
  • process data and present results

Thinking, Problem solving, Making Decisions

  • identify problems and generate questions
  • plan and manage projects
  • explore solutions
  • Use data to inform ideas

Digital Citizenship

  • Staying safe online
  • considering the views of others
  • learning about different cultures
  • ethical and responsible behaviour

How can we teach this?