Wait Till Helen Comes

Mary Downing Hahn

A Ghost Story

How would you feel if there was a graveyard right behind your house and your house was an old broken down church? Well, whatever you're feeling is exactly how Molly and Michael felt. Their mother and them moved in with Heather and her father. As the consolidated family is getting used to each other as well as the new surroundings, Heather is enjoying the graveyard and the graveyard attendant Mr. Simmons. As time goes on Heather is trying to convince everyone that there is a ghost named Helen and she is coming for them. However, Molly and Michael won't believe her. You will have to read the book to unravel the dark secrets and what happens when Helen comes.
I enjoyed this book because it was suspenseful and had an ere feeling to it. I would recommend you not to read this book before you go to bed because you will probably have nightmares. Otherwise, you need to read this book!

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