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The Good Ol' Days

Just recently I heard someone make a comment that stuck with me.

"These days we are living? THESE are the 'Good Ol' Days'".

How true! These days that keep us hopping from one event to the next, chasing our tails running kids to events, practices, picking up groceries, keeping the calendars organized....THESE are the days!

BAM! There it was - square between my eyeballs!

When you are at one of our schools dropping off a child in the car line and wave at that favorite teacher all bundled up in his/her coat and gloves, when you are sitting at the football field every afternoon watching your favorite player practice, when you are scurrying through the drive-through to toss dinner in the back seat while you rush your family off to some event, don't forget that THIS is what life is made of - The people that WE love doing the things THEY love with US there to support and encourage THEM along!

This Thanksgiving season, take the time to enjoy "these days" - life is a roller coaster ride but it is a blessing and we shouldn't forget to sit back and enjoy the ride (even if that means we need to buckle up!)

Happy Thanksgiving to each of you! I am thankful for the people that make up the Paulding County School District!

  • the work we do
  • the children we serve
  • the adults who care
  • the community who supports

Engage. Inspire. Prepare.

Katie O. Anderson

Fine Arts Coordinator

Katie O. Anderson

My name is Katie Anderson and I am the Fine Arts Coordinator for the Paulding County School District. It is with great pleasure that I can say the Fine and Performing Arts of PCSD are alive and well! Our students and teachers are doing great things every single day in the classroom, on football fields, in practice rooms, in art studios and galleries, in colleges and universities, in recording studios, and on stages within our own communities and across the nation!

Join us in celebrating this amazing collection of talent! Take some time this school year to visit a school play or attend one of our many art shows, concerts, competitions, band exhibitions, choral festivals, or even a fine arts classroom near you.