Thomas Andrews the shipbuilder

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Today you will be learning about Thomas Andrews. He made the great Titanic.In this article you will learn about his early life.Before building the Titanic and building the Titanic.

Earily Life

Thomas Andrews was born in Comber,United Kingdom February 7,1873. He had two brothers and one nephew.On June 24 1908 he married Helen kiely Barbour. He had one daughter Elizabeth Caw Barbour.

before building the titanic

In 1884 he began attending the royal Belfast Academical Institution. Until 1889 age 16 he began working for Harold and Wolf where his uncle worked at.Thomas Andrews Became the Manager of the construction Works for his job. He also became a member of the Institution of Naral Architects.

Before building the titanic

The Titanic was built on May 31, 1911. It weighed 52,310 tons.The length was 883 feet long that's long.He built the Titanic out of steel also that It took him 2 year s to build it. Also It can fit more than 2,345 people.Finally he released the titanic on April 10,1912. The Titanic sank April 14th 1912.It sank by hitting an iceberg.Thomas Andrews died when it sank the time was 2:20 a.m.Also that he helped many people that tried to survive.

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You now Know when the Titanic sank,when it was built ,when Thomas Andrews died who made the ship in 1912. He gave everyone what they needed .Also Thomas Andrews wife remarried and died in august 22 1966.The Titanic costed 200 million dollars.
Titanic 100 - New CGI of How Titanic Sank
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fantastic vocabulary

Attending: mean that you want to do that job or thing then you go tend for that company or something.

Institution:mean an established law,practice,or a custom.

Academical:mean that you are doing something for that or if you are doing something.