What to do When Researching

By: Antonio Gutierrez

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how do i research?

when researching you should use databases because they give you the most accurate information. You should also use keywords. What are keywords you might ask. keywords are words that you put in the search bar that are most relevant to your topic and are more likely to get you the most accurate results.

How do i know if a website i'm using is credible?

When looking to see if a website is credible you should look for an author. you should also check and see if the links in the website lead to relevant things about your topic don't go to a website with ads. also look for websites with things like .gov .org .edu.

How do you cite an online source?

When citing an online source you can use a couple different websites like

http://easybib.com. Once you get to easybib just copy and paste the url into the bar and it will give you the citation

What do you need when citing a book?

When you are citing a book you need a couple things:

1. The author

2.Copyright Date

3. Date published

4. Book title

5. Page numbers your citing from

Why do i need to cite my sources?

You should always cite your sources. when you don't cite your source it is called plagiarism and its illegal. plagiarism is taking someones idea and claiming it as your own. often more than not your plagiarizing and you don't even know it. You even have to cite your source when you put a picture in.

whats the difference between quoting paraphrasing and summarizing.

Summarizing is whenn your taking the main idea of the story and writing it down. quoting is when your taking something directly from the text, and paraphrasing is when you take something from the text, but put it in your own words