Welcome to Smore( Halloween style )


Today we are going to be starting a new project. This project will be based on the theme: Halloween. We are going to be working with a new app on this project called "Smore". Today I am going to show you more about Smore and how it works. I will help with each of you personally with creating your own Smore. Smore will help you learn to work with technology and presenting skills. Each of you will present on Halloween.


Your theme is Halloween. That means your whole Smore will be based off of Halloween. You jobs is to make a Smore including these requirements.

  • Find a video that is related to Halloween in some way. Ex. Carving pumpkins, the Halloweeen history, or a short movie about a story of Halloweeen.
  • Make your Halloween themed Smore all about your video. Ex. Carving pumpkins, then your title will be carving pumpkins.
  • You need at least 1 video and 2-7 pictures.
  • Write a 1 paragraph review on your video.
  • You need at least 3 questions for the audience about your Halloween themed video. Make sure they are also printed out on paper. They can be written answers or multiple choice. (Once your questions are complet, give me a copy or let me see the questions and I will do the printing.
-see the bottom page for internet devices.

Funny animation HD - Halloween Joe House Nr. 1

Three Options

-Computer (desktop)

-Computer (laptop)