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A Parents Peek into our Classroom Adventure

Welcome to Mrs. B's US History class update!

Volume Two: September 15th - September 19th

Our Class Map

This week we've added the region names and important bodies of water to our map!
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Where We've Been...

In our content area:

This week we've been diving into each of our geographic regions exploring the features that make them unique. Your students have used Google Earth to "fly" over the regions. They also learned about the major bodies of water, important to the travel and exploration of North America.


Using a website called ThingLink, your student created an interactive map of the regions of the United States. Students chose photographs they felt appropriately displayed the features and landscapes of each geographic region of the United States. They also included important information about the regions.

Where We're Going...

Next week, we will be finishing up basic geography with a review on Monday. We will begin our unit on Native Americans and take a test Thursday/Friday of next week on Unit 1: Geography. Keep a look out for a study guide that will go home/be available Monday. (I've also provide a link to one below if you'd like a preview of the material)

FEATURING: Student Work


solpass.org Study Guide

Geography Study Guide for Unit I Test


Please assist your student when signing up for quizlet in the next week or so. They can sign up with their Henrico Google account, but I believe it will ask for a parent email. I know a few students have been able to do this successfully.
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