The Holidays are here!

Christmas is about...

Where do you find your Christmas Spirit?

Take a moment to stop among all the chaos of the holidays, and think about your Christmas Spirit. Where, or how do you find your Christmas Spirit?

After researching the topic, one newspaper reporter found that the "Christmas Spirit" is in one's heart. Does it hit when we unpack our decorations and start playing Christmas music? Does it happen when we decorate our tree. Is it more about presents?

This year I found my Christmas Spirit in my memories. Those memories I have of my daughter when she was five...waking up to find Santa had left her a present. The memory of my daughter playing an Angel for my husband's family Posada. The times when the family sits together and to pray. The memories of my family gatherings and love that is shared when we are together. Finally, the memory of my mom and mom-n-law. These memories bestow in me -The Christmas Spirit.

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Where or how do you find your Christmas Spirit??

First four teachers to respond, by sending me small paragraph gets a jean pass.

Adding Rigor to Writer's Workshop: Active Engagement & Midpoint Teach

Active Engagement : Allows students to share what they've just learned.

Teacher can have students turn and talk.

Students can try strategy or lesson in their notebook.

Teachers can have students try strategy with a partner.

Teachers can have a quick hands on "authentic activity" that reinforces lesson.

(NOT Worksheet)

Midpoint Teach: It does not replace your Mini-Lesson.

It is purposefully used to stop and teach/re-teach a concept/skill during the writing workshop- this will be necessary when you are seeing several children struggling with the same issues. It takes 5-10 minutes. It can be done in middle of room as you are walking around conferring, or midpoint can be anchor through chart at the carpet.

The Unstoppable Writing Teacher Virtual Book Study Continues...

Virtual Book Study Continues...3rd & 4th grade Teachers.

Don't fall behind!!

2nd Response due December 18th. It's a short chapter. Jean Pass if you respond on time.

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