why volcano's exploded

How does a volcano erupt

Volcano's erupt by  the rocks melt inside the earth, it expands and needs more space. When the pressure is very great, it bursts out causing an eruption of lava or magma spreading every where

Top 10 Famouse volcano's

1.mount vesuvius   2.krakatoa    3.mount st.helens     4.mount tambons     5.mauna loa     6.eyjafjallajokull   7.mount pelee     8.thera    9.nevado del ruiz    10.mount pinatubo

Save world from volcano eruptions

Thursday, June 27th, 6:15pm to Saturday, June 29th, 8pm

9580 Jane Street

Vaughan, ON

you will want to come early soo you can get to all the good games first

setting up event

8:00 Am-10:00 Am= Set up games10:00 Am-11:00 Am=Get food ready11:00 Am-12:00 Pm= Get workers all ready12:00 Pm-5:55 Pm= Clean up park event
volcano erupting