A New Way to Express Yourself

Kids of all ages can use this app to create and write

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"Write About This" App

Created for kids of all ages, Write About This is a visual writing prompts and creative platform. This iOS app allows children to explore their imagination and makes writing fun again. With 375 prompts categorized by different learning standards, every child is able to find something that interests them.

Customizable & Easy to Access

The app allows different customizable options to fit each teachers classroom needs. The teacher can also easily access the students writing through Dropbox, Google Drive, or through the device's camera role. Each writing is saved on the app by author and date in the "My Writes About" section of the app.

Includes multiple steps:

  1. Accessing the app
  2. Findiing a prompt
  3. Uploading pictures
  4. Creating the content
  5. Uploading to Dropbox or Google Drive

Easy, Flexible, Unique

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Ideas for Use

  • Checking spelling
  • Reviewing sentence structure
  • Creating paragraphs using vocabulary sets
  • Creative writing activites
  • Creating narratives
  • Explaining your opinion
  • Curating poetry, prose, letters, and lists
  • Starting class discussion

Let's Get Kids of All Ages Creating and Imagining!