2015 Year in Review

Top Three Companies

Nike: The swoosh and sponsoring athletes

Apple: Creates game-changers

Geico: Best commercials and ads- the gekko, the caveman and the little piggy

Two Best Products Introduced in 2015


Apple watch

Two Worst Products Introduced in 2015

The Skinny Mirror- Entrepreneur launched the idea on the TV show Shark Tank and the people there did not like their idea

EZPeeZ Toilet Seat- Supposed to be used for potty training, but the people on shark tank shut down that idea


Top Two Movies

Star Wars: The Force Awakens- Advertised throughout the mall and on social media

Jurassic World- Highly talked about and advertised throughout the mall and on commercials

Top Two Musical Artist

Justin Bieber relaeased his new album "Purpose"

Adele had a hit song from her new album "Hello"

Top 10 songs of 2015

Top 5 from the list:

1- Cant Feel My Face

2- Lean On

3- Locked Away

4- The HIlls

5- Love Me Like You Do


New Years Resolutions

Personal Improvement: Excersising an eating healthy

Family and Friends: Always make sure my friends are happy and healthy and to always be there for them

School and the outside world: Keep my grades up