Baylor University


How are Baylors Teaching Education Programs different from the other University Programs?

The teacher education programs at Baylor University are unique among the universities in Texas. The primary attribute of Baylors teacher education programs is the amount of actual field experience in classrooms during the programs. Students experience six semesters in which they have direct contact with students and teachers in authentic classroom environments. The time spent in these classrooms incrementally progresses from 18 hours a semester in the Novice stage to 12 hours per week in the Teaching Associate stage, to all day for two semesters in the Internship stage.

The four-year teacher education programs are developmental in design, allowing them to incrementally increase there knowledge base and instructional skills. The initial experience of the programs, the Novice stage, is completed by the end of their sophomore year. The Teaching Associate (TA) level includes twelve hours per week of field experience as well as concentration on the content knowledge associated with their teacher certification area and is completed in their junior year. The program culminates during your senior year with an all-day, two-semester Internship experience that provides opportunities for them to bring together there acquired content knowledge and instructional skills in real-world classroom environments

How Challenging Are These Programs?

They are very challenging. They are designed to develop teachers who are knowledgeable, adaptable, reflective, competent, morally responsible, and professional to meet the challenges of dynamic and changing learning environments. The programs are child centered, focusing on guiding all children to achieve their best academic and personal potential

Frequently Asked Questions About Baylor University

Where Is It Located? Waco, Texas

What is Baylor's Mascot? Bear

When Was Baylor Founded? 1845

Is it a Private School? Yes Baylor is a private Christian university

What Scores Do You Need To Get Into Baylors Programs?

The median SAT score range for accepted freshmen is 1140-1310 (math and critical reading), and the median ACT score range is 24 to 30. Seventy-five percent of the entering freshman class were in the top quartile of their graduating high school class.

Overall, they are looking for students who:

  • want to be part of an academically rigorous community that values faith and your strengths and personal calling
  • are excited and motivated about intellectual activity
  • have challenged themselves academically and embraced opportunities outside the classroom
  • recognize that life, learning and service go hand-in-hand beyond the four years of college