Hydrogen Water Maker: Worth Trying?

H2 Water Is This Hype, Fact, or Wishful Thinking?


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H2 USB Sport MAXX Hydrogen Water Generator with Glass Bottle

  • Best compact USB Molecular Hydrogen Water Generator just got better with new thicker Platinum coated Titanium plates that produce more hydrogen concentrates faster and with the most advanced SPE and proprietary DuPont PEM technology for the safest and most effective benefits.

  • Now get top Hydrogen concentrates faster from 1.0 ~ 1.5 PPM in a 5 or 7 minute cycle mode and more when you double the cycle like we always recommend you do, plus ORP's of -350 to -600Mv Oxidation Reduction and get over a dozen cycles before needing another charge.

  • Leave the durable 14oz/400ml borosillicate glass bottle at home and use any plastic or glass bottle at the office or gym with 2 bottle neck adapter sizes included for large and small bottles.

  • We are a US company that stands behind our products with a 60 day unconditional refund if not satisfied and a 1 year Manufacturer’s Warranty on parts and labor and 12 hour daily phone support.

  • Premium non-toxic Platinum coated Titanium electrode plates cost a little more but don't leach toxic Nickel, Molybdenum or Chromium into the water like cheap imitations. Works with all potable water types: distilled, R O, filtered water and purifies tap water by expelling Ozone and Hydrogen Peroxide and Chlorine from tap water into a bottom waste chamber.

Hydrogen Water Maker: Product description

The H2 USB Sport MAXX is the best performing portable Hydrogen infused water makers made today. We've super charged it with thicker plates that produce more Hydrogen in less time. Its compact size fits perfectly in the car or boat cup holder.

Take it to the beach, gym, work and everywhere. We buy the best Korean made Plates and the best DuPont (USA) Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM) that gets better and better over time. All to give you the best quality product for an affordable price.

Find out why Hydrogen is the cornerstone to health and vitality. How it stimulates your ATP (cellular energy) for optimum cell hydration and function. Reduce your oxidative stress and inflammation due to diet and lifestyle and maintain homeostasis.

Without Hydrogen we can't hydrate and we age rapidly. If you are a Bio-Hacker, Carbon60 user or just curious about the benefits Hydrogen infused water can give you -then you have finally found the high quality product and US company you are looking for. There is no RISk here because we stand behind our products and can support you by phone, email or text on how to use our products for maximum benefit.

Enjoy new mental clarity, greater mobility and renewed energy from our advanced technology and feel the difference Hydrogen can make in your overall health.


Does This Have the Dual Plate Technology?

Absolutely yes! In fact we use the safest and most effective Platinum Coated Titanium plates made in Korea and we are always upgrading them. These new models have the thicker plates that make more H2 gas quicker so you get more H2 concentrates in less water.

Sandwiched in between these great plates is our exclusive membrane made by DuPont in the USA for our Proton Exchange Membrane technology that keeps getting better for months. It's our advanced technology combined with our great customer service that will guarantee your satisfaction and allow you to get the most benefits from Hydrogen Hydration protocol.

We are available to field your questions and guide you on how to maximize the benefits at our support number 12 hours a day from 9am - 9pm EST or chat with us online.

Why It Benefits to Drink Hydrogen Water

Proper hydration is essential to life and promotes better all-round health. Hydrogen water is a practical alternative for those that prefer to avoid drinking local tap water. Plain tap water can include a long list of contaminants, such as heavy metals, chlorine, fluoride and arsenic.

Hydrogen water is a great option to stay hydrated and includes a wide range of positive benefits such as minimizing inflammation, reducing recovery time and boosting energy levels.

Here are a few reasons why it benefits to drink hydrogen water:

Better skin

A proper intake of water is necessary to maintain the healthy appearance of the skin. Hydrogen water is a useful choice to slow the aging process and keep the wrinkles from appearing so early.

Plus, it is useful for protecting the skin and neutralizing the harmful effects of UV-rays which can penetrate deep into the skin and cause damage to the outer layers. A further positive is the ability to ease the signs of irritation and redness that appear with many different skin diseases.


Hydrogen water is heart-friendly and also helps to promote better circulation. Drinking enough water helps to maintain the most beneficial levels of body fluids which has the positive effect of increasing blood volume. This means the heart is put under less stress when pumping blood throughout the body.

This type of water is effective at lowering the amount of bad cholesterol that builds up in the body. It has the positive effect of upping the amount of antioxidants in the system which can increase by nearly 35%. This helps to promote the good cholesterol in the body and reduce the risk of heart disease.

Also, the hydrogen water is effective at keeping the muscles of the heart strong and resilient. Other benefits include the ability to control issues related to inflammation and lowers the risk of cardiovascular damage resulting from free radicals.

Lowers the risk of cancer

Hydrogen water is further reported to have a positive effect on lowering the risk of certain cancers. The water is effective at controlling free radical damage which can have a negative effect on the healthy cells in the body.

A major precursor of cancer relates to cell mutation. But, the anti-inflammatory properties in the water can protect the healthy cells from dangerous ions and prevents the mutation process from starting. This has the all-round benefit of protecting the body from cancer.