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What's been going on?

WRITING The enthusiasm for Realistic Fiction writing was at a high this week as writers continued to develop their characters and build story arcs. The arcs served as valuable plans for the different scenes in their story. Students were excited to begin drafting towards the end of the week, and are now working to SHOW the scenes in their story and not just TELL them. Ask your writer to tell you about their story including the characters, setting, and problem.

READING Our readers continued their quest to follow characters from their fiction stories into meaning. Students worked on ways to grow ideas about characters by ENVISIONING and by empathizing with their characters (putting themselves in their "character's shoes.") Readers also worked to define proficiency when it comes to "spilling their thinking" by writing about reading in their reader's notebooks. Finally, students have been enjoying our read aloud story The Tiger Rising and this week met a boy who keeps his emotions locked up in a "suitcase" and a fierce girl in a pink lacy dress. Ask your child to tell you what a "Patrick Star" is when it comes to describing character traits.

MATH Our mathematicians continued to persevere in problem solving when it came to rounding and comparing greater numbers. Students learned that the rounding rap is great, but being able to show why the rap works with a number line or other math drawing is how we really grow in our understanding. This week we also began our work with multi-digit addition by making new groups. Again students were shown that knowing the algorithm for addition is great, but being able to explain why the algorithm works using place value drawings and/or language is what addition is really about.

SCIENCE Mrs. Swanson showed our scientists how to use the "I Wonder" circle to make discoveries about their taste-buds this week. Sorry for giving them sugar.....but it was all done in the name of science. Next week we will begin our exciting Human Body in Motion Unit!

SOCIAL STUDIES Our historians are learning to think like historians and understand that historians are like detectives, asking questions and investigating evidence. We brought in our own artifacts and a chance to "investigate" and "ask questions" to see if we could put together a story about one of our classmates.

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Characteristics of Lifelong Learners - Weekly Reflection

Characteristics of Lifelong Learners will be a set of expectations we'll assess this year on the report card. These characteristics would include:

*participates in class

*prepares and organizes

*respects people & property

*works independently

*works cooperatively in groups

*completes homework / assignments on time

*seeks help when needed

*demonstrates self-control (*our goal area!)

*follows school-wide expectations

*demonstrates appropriate use of technology

We have taken time to point out examples of behaviors that would score a 3 (consistent), 2 (developing), or 1 (not meeting).

Part of your child's weekly reflection, that comes home on Friday, has your child reflect on how they did during the week on some of these areas.

Please be sure to look over those weekly reflection sheets, sign them, and return them to school on Monday. Thanks!

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Red Binders

Students are in the process of organizing their binders with work samples from the school year so far. Please watch for the binder to come home with your child THIS COMING FRIDAY. Students have also been working on goal-setting and self-evaluation. There will be a self-evaluation sheet for you to discuss with your child inside of their binders next Friday. Please sign the sheet to let Mrs. Palkowski know that you talked with your child about their red binder. *Please also note that these binders are a way for Mrs. Palkowski and the students to monitor their progress throughout the school year. It is EXTREMELY important that these binders are well taken care of and don't get lost, as they contain many of their work samples.
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4th Grad Music Concert - "American's All"

The 4th grade music program “American’s All” will be held on Wednesdy, November 12th, at 6:00 PM (Group A), and 7:15 PM (Group B) in the Pewaukee High School Auditorium. The students will also have a school matinee: Group B (1:30-2:15), and Group A (2:30-3:15), during the day.

Group A includes: Hassman/Roooney/Edwards/Hassert

Group B includes: Palkowski/Swanson/Schoenenberger/Torbenson

The students will need to wear a white shirt (turtle neck, top, blouse, or button down tucked in) and a pair of black pants (slacks, black jeans, or leggings). A black skirt with tights is also acceptable. The students will need to wear this attire to school onWednesday, November 12th for both the school and evening performances. We prefer dress shoes over tennis shoes whenever possible and no high heels on the risers please.

That evening, Group A must report to the high school cafeteria at 5:45 PM sharp. Group B must report to the high school cafeteria at 7:00 PM sharp. Their classroom teacher will be there at that time, but no earlier. If you decide to come earlier, your child must be near you, under your supervision while waiting. Do not allow your child to walk or run around the high school cafeteria or halls unsupervised.

The auditorium doors will open 15 minutes prior to each show for audience seating. Frail elderly and wheelchair guests will be seated early. 4th grade performers will not be allowed into the auditorium prior. Students should give their coats, hats, and gloves to their parents to hold on to during the performance. They will make their entrance through the aisles. Students will meet their parents in the cafeteria after the show.

Students are expected to attend the evening performance. Absences must be shared/communicated in advance with your child’s music teacher (not the classroom teacher) prior to the performance.

Your cooperation and support of our program is greatly appreciated! We hope you enjoy the show.

Coming Up/What Else?

*MAPS Testing (Reading) Tuesday, Sept. 23rd

*Unit 1 Spelling Word Test, Wednesday, Sept. 24

*Library books are due Thursday. Thursday afternoon is our weekly library time.

*MAPS Testing (Math) Tuesday, Sept. 30th

*Music Concert Wednesday Nov. 12th

*Be sure to dress for the weather. Gettin' to be that time for sweatshirts and jackets.

*DreamBox expectations = Completion of 1-3 coin lessons at home per week

I-PAD CODE: 4wgx/horizons

*Typing Web expectations - 20 minutes per week (work towards end-of-year goal of 20 wpm and 95% accuracy)

(Students will start working on Typing Web as part of their morning routine this upcoming week)