Sleeping Freshmen Never Lie

By David Lubar

“You know what guys do? They stand up for people. You know why? Two reasons. It's right. And it feels good. Even if the person doesn't know what you did. Maybe especially then.”

-David Lubar

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For Scott this is one of the scariest days of his life, first day of high school. From the stories he had heard, this will be he worst year of his life. Not only does he have to deal with beautiful girls and seniors taking his lunch money, his mother announces that she is going to have another baby. The thought of having his sibling go through high school without any tips like he did, scares him. He begins writing a survival guide full of tips on how to survive being a freshman.

How would you deal with your freshman year?

"Sleeping Freshmen Never Lie" by David Lubar - Movie Trailer


Michigan's Thumbs-Up Award, 2006
YALSA Best Books for Young Adults, 2006

Over 2 million copies sold, dont be the last to get it!

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