Mrs. Coleman's Weekly News!

October 10-14!

Literacy Activities!

This week we focused on CVC (consonant,vowel,consonant), words using short vowels a and e. They played a pumpkin bucket game using a bean bag and CVC word cards. They took turns to throw the cube into three buckets, then pulled a card from the bucket to read to the classmates. The word cards included CVC words such bat, cat, pet, etc. Everyone did a great job playing the game and following the rules correctly!

They also completed centers using short vowel picture cards and matched to word families using short a and short e. We will continue to work on short vowel activites in the coming weeks and into second quarter.

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Math Skills!

This week in Math we worked with the symbols, <,> and =. We introduced the signs for greater than, less than and equal to and discussed how to use them. Everyone completed centers using the alligator mouth signs and identified how to write the sigh the correct way.

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Specialty Classes!

Artist: Kandisky drawing lines to show rhythm with music

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Science/Social Studies

All about Christopher Columbus! This week we watched a video, and read stories about Christipher Columbus. We discussed why he is an important person in our history, and learned about his journey. They created a ship like his, and wrote a sentence telling where he traveled.
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1.) Arzaan Star of the Week next week!

2.) Check out our new school fundraiser! Yankee Candle!

3.) Picture Day next Thursday! Oct. 20