Cultural Geography Final Exam

Brianna Albano period C drug affiliation

6 word statement

When you can stop you don't want to and when you want to stop, you can't.


People acknowledge themselves and their surroundings from cultures. Throughout time , they adjust and adapt to their way of life because of the conflict and cooperation around them.

Unit 1

Geography can influence where and why someone wants to live because it could be easier access to a drug they want and it could make their "business" more lucrative.

Unit 2

Humans migrate that buy or sell drugs so they aren't in a place long enough to get caught and to follow the where their drug is in demand to make their "business" more lucrative.

Unit 3

Exploitation or competition over drugs can cause conflict between different "gangs" or drug dealers also when a buyer doesn't pay it can cause conflict between buyer and seller that causes buyers to do rational things like stealing or committing crimes to supply their dealer with money for their addiction.

Unit 4


There are many possible solutions but some of the most common are going to rehab or putting drug dealers into jail.