Room 103 Newsletter


Dear Room 103 Families,

We've started our next reading unit: BIGGER BOOKS, BIGGER READING MUSCLES.

At this time of the year, your Kindergartner is preparing to move from rereading familiar texts to attempting more difficult books with greater independence. Instead of relying on patterns, they may be ready to use meaning and syntax, or check the beginnings and endings of words to understand what is happening. We will be learning strategies for tackling breaks in patterns and using our knowledge of letters and sounds to read tricky words. The last part of this unit supports the kids in orchestrating all the strategies they've developed to read more complex books with accuracy, fluency, and comprehension. We will also emphasize the importance of thinking and talking more deeply about books. This is one of the biggest reading leaps for the kids and it can take some time for them to learn the strategies and feel confident using them. No need to stress if your kinder doesn't master the tools right away.

I'm including the student checklist again for Valentines Day cards. If you have any questions about Valentines Day, please feel free to get in touch.

Aamarah__, Ally__, Angelo__, Brooklyn__, Isabelle__, Isamu__, Karen__, Kelsi__, Madaline__, Mateo__, Noah__, Olive__, Owen__, Richard__, Roan__, Salim__, Susana__, Zach__, Zachary__.

I also sent home a scholastic book order. If you're ordering books you can place your order online with our class code (LKPH3), or return the order form to me by 2/20. Thanks!

See you soon,

Miss Siobhan

*The School Directory is being sent home in the Communication folders today. Finally!

Things for your Calendar

Friday 2/5 - Return book bags, communication folders, and handwriting practice

Monday 2/8 - Monday Morning Reading

Thursday 2/11 - Valentines Day card exchange

Monday 2/12 & 2/15 - No School