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week of April 15, 2013

STAAR Testing

Next week, your child will be taking the STAAR reading and math test. The specific dates are April 23rd and 24th. The school will be visitor-free for the whole week. To ensure that your child's does his/ her best, please make the following considerations:

  • Make sure your child has a stress-free week. We want their minds focused and at their best.
  • Make sure you child's gets a full night's sleep.
  • They should start each day with a good breakfast.
  • Make sure they arrive to school on time.
  • For additional suggestions, check out this site!

Grant Requests

This year, I made two grant requests from PC-Tag and La Fiesta de las Seis Banderas. Both were approved. I will be ordering large class sets of biographies to support each teacher in third grade and I'm upgrading our editions of Kidspiration on our netbooks. Your child has been using Kidspiration to graphically organize the learning they are doing with different concept maps. With the new Kidspiration, they'll also have visual math tools to further enhance our math instruction. I'm so excited!

Scholastic Book Orders

Don't forget to place your books orders! They are due by April 22nd. Every time you purchase books from Scholastic, the class enjoys free books added to our library.

Thank You!

The UP Carnival picnic occurred without a hitch. Thank you so much for helping me out. I was proud of all the children keeping me aware of their whereabouts!

Tech Tip

Here's a iPad/ iPod app worth checking out. It's called Bookboard. It lets you rent kids’ books on your iPad. It stocks more than 300 titles for children up to 12 years old, including collections like The Berenstain Bearsand The Boxcar Children mysteries. It also has a read-aloud option. Monthly subscriptions are $5-9.

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